Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Rojak & Cendol Truck @ Damansara Uptown

After our Sunday morning breakfast, my spouse brought me to this Rojak & Cendol Truck @ Damansara Uptown to "tapau" (pack) a packet of rojak for our lunch later (he's had this before as it's a favourite of his).

You'll find the truck parked in front of Texas Chicken at Damansara Utama.  I'm not sure what time the truck comes but we usually find it there around 11 am.

A packet of Rojak @ RM5 basically comes with 3 types of fried that's thin and super crispy, one that's soft and not as crisp and one with a dense texture.

Everyone who loves rojak are usually after these fritters...and my favourites are the thin and crispy ones followed by the slightly crisp but softer fritters to soak up all the delicious "kuah" (rojak gravy).

The usual condiments of a whole hard-boiled egg and fried tofu with "taugeh" (bean sprouts), crunchy julienned "sengkuang" (jicama) and cucumber rounds up the dish.

You can, of course, add on additional "sotong" (squid) for RM1 extra or you could also ask for extra fried fritters at a price.  They use those crunchy-type cuttlefish here which isn't quite my favourite type of sotong.

We all know the rojak gravy is what makes or breaks the dish...and the one here has the right texture and taste with a good balance of sweetness and spiciness to it.  I can see why my husband likes this rojak.

It had the right thickness and I liked that the gravy is smooth and not too chunky nor overly sweet.  The fritters and vegetables serve as great vessels to absorb all the yummy kuah.

As with most rojak stalls these days, you'll find that most of them sell cendol as well since the two go hand in hand.  I've not tried the cendol here but I hear the shaved ice is quite coarse, so maybe this isn't for me since I like the shaved ice to be finer.

My Personal Opinion

As far as the fried fritters are concerned, the ones here aren't as good as the rojak & cendol truck in my neighbourhood (check out that review here).  But it's the flavour and texture of this rojak gravy that wins me over.  The taste of the gravy here is unlike the sauce of the rojak truck in my neighbourhood which is more akin to a satay sauce than a rojak gravy.

Now if only I can have the rojak fritters from my neighbourhood and the gravy from this stall, that will make one heck of a rojak! ^_^

Rojak & Cendol Truck
Intersection of Jalan SS21/1A
and Jalan SS21/58
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya


  1. Tapao separately lah. Tapao the sauce from here and the ingredients from the one closer to home and mix them all up. Quite troublesome but worth it for the ultimate rojak for your palate in my opinion. :P

    1. I think the rojak man will look at me funny if I just want the sauce! >_<

  2. I see this truck all the time and I never once tried the rojak. There used to be another one in front of Maybank (not sure still there or not) which I tried but was not impressed. Since you have given this one a favorable review, I should go tapau one day :)

    1. Hope you enjoy this one more than the one in front of Maybank then ;)

  3. at first glance, i thought i was reading phong hong's blog, since she's usually the damansara uptown blogger! :D i wouldn't mind a serving of this rojak either - it looks and sounds quite similar to my favourite malacca rojak, except that the malacca one also has potatoes :D

    1. Are potatoes a common addition in Melaka rojak? Coz I've not come across potatoes in KL rojak before.

  4. The fritter with a dense texture has a coconut taste so I like that one best. I will go try this tasty gravy.

  5. Long time didn't have this kind of rojak, hehe~ There is one famous rojak stall at Kepong (at durian street), try it out if you happen to be at that area~

    1. Sure, if I'm in the area. I've read about this famous rojak stall :)


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