Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Goodies from my Neighbour

I have heard (and read stories) of people having horrendous next door neighbours and I'm glad I'm not one of them.   Luckily, I have a nice neighbour (well, at least on one side...kekeke!), a couple with grown-up children living abroad (in US and Australia).

And whenever their son and daughter return (with their young kids) to visit their parents, they'd always bring home goodies for their parents....and me.  I've always told them that they're too kind and that it wasn't necessary to go through all the trouble but they still do it every time they come home.  I suppose it's the spirit of giving and receiving because I would share with them some of my homemade and home-cooked stuff too.

But I think they've given me more stuff than I've ever given them....let me show you just some of them...mostly chocolates (and nuts)...from US and Australia (and some from their travels)! ^o^


Crisp malt centres covered with smooth milk chocolate.


Premium collection of truffles, nut clusters, caramels and other fine confections in assorted milk and dark chocolate.

It was a pot of gold alright!  My favourites were the dark chocolate ones.  Actually, we prefer the truffles or any that's just pure chocolate without any nuts in them.

Lindt (described as a layer of mint coulis on top of a vanilla truffle bed with crisp cocoa nibs, encased in dark chocolate).  This one I didn't taste...coz it said mint! >.<

And then there were all sorts of healthy nuts......

........and some other plenty more given to me over the years (that I didn't take pics of).

But the best were these Godiva Assorted Classic Truffles.

Comprising of four pieces each of individually wrapped Belgian masterpiece in dark (purple wrap), milk (pink wrap) and white (white wrap) chocolate truffles, they were rich, tantalising and a real sweet delight.

My favourite was again the dark chocolate followed by milk chocolate! ^o^
The white chocolate was a little sweet for me.

I can still remember how divine the Godiva mousse truffles (they gave) were from 2 years back...

.....and the heavenly Godiva milk chocolate was so good :)

So, thank you, my dear neighbours but there's only so much chocolate one can eat (my husband would be the one eating most of them), so all the goodies are usually shared with family and friends (especially the healthy nuts as my family is not into such nuts).

Now, who wouldn't want neighbours like that, right? *wink wink*


  1. In life, everything happens for a reason and I am a believer of this and how karma works. I am sure your family is very nice and kind people who shares everything with everyone. That's why your neighbour's family always felt grateful. I am happy to hear such stories of happy neighbours!

    Happy New Year to you and family. Hope you will continue to get more chocolates and sweets for 2017.

    1. Yes, please....hehe! ;) I'm sure your neighbours have a wonderful neighbour in you too as you and your wife are both such kind-hearted souls.

  2. Oh wow! That is a lot of chocolates and good quality ones some more :) I also prefer dark chocolate and any chocolate with mint I also don't like hah..hah... Oh, nuts I also love. What a wonderful neighbor you have and you are a wonderful neighbor too!

    1. I'd love to be neighbours with you we seem to have rather similar tastes and enjoy the same type of food :)

  3. I'm blessed with good neighbour too as he once warned me that he saw someone trying to break into my house in the midnight thru my kitchen window when he preparing supper one day >_<. Hubby & I immediately locked our grill as we initially thought that nobody can climb up as high as 14th floor #sillyusiknow >_< Imagine if he never told me about this~~~

    1. Yeah, as neighbours, we should look out for each other's homes. That's why my neighbours give us the keys to their house when they go abroad to visit their children.

  4. wahhh ... with neighbours like this, i would hope they never move away! :) unfortunately i've never spoken to my immediate neighbours (i live in a condo), but they definitely don't seem like the chocolate-giving type, and i'm not the cooking type, heheh :D

    1. That's the disadvantage of living in a condo, I don't really get the opportunity to speak to your neighbours.


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