Friday, 3 June 2016

Superthai @ Damansara Uptown

My friends and I recently signed up for a motor treasure hunt and we had to attend a briefing (a week earlier before the hunt proper) at the Kiwanis Down Syndrome centre in Taman Sea.

As soon as the briefing ended, we made our way to our lunch destination of choice, Superthai @ Damansara Uptown, specifically selected since there weren't any kids with us this time.  Plus, I needed no further convincing once I heard these words...'monumentally succulent flame grilled pork neck'....from eatdrinkkl. By then it was almost 1pm already and we were famished (plus I didn't have time to take breakfast earlier on).

The restaurant's signage may not be that easy to spot from the road as they're located on the first floor (and the signage on the ground floor is pretty small), so park the car and hunt on foot.  They boast of serving appethaizing cuisine.....well, I hope they do as it's proudly displayed on their signboard and imprinted on their walls! ;D

Although most of the tables were filled, we didn't have to wait long for the food to arrive, the first of which was the Flame Grilled Pork Neck @ RM27.  The service staff recommended Flame Grilled Pork Belly but we wanted a less fatty cut.

The thinly sliced grilled pork neck (pork scotch fillet or pork collar) had just the right amount of lean meat and fat to keep the meat juicy when cooked.  Tender and caramelised with a nice grilled flavour, I loved the charred bits on the outside.

It was good eaten on its own but the accompanying dip made it even more awesome.  The dip didn't look nor taste like the usual ones...this one was fresh, zesty, zingy, spicy and fragrant...all in one!  It was so good we finished the dip in a jiffy and they were attentive enough to ask if we needed another...of course we needed another! ;)

Our next dish was the irresistible Crispy Thai Omelette @'s absolutely irresistible when you see the pic in the menu and even more irresistible if you've tasted one before.  It had a filling of shredded cabbage + some green veggie which I think is green beans (I asked the server but she wasn't quite sure either).

This Thai-styled omelette, puffy and fluffy on the inside and fragrant and crispy on the outside (especially around the edges), may be a little oily for some (coz it's essentially deep-fried on both sides) but very delicious if you can see pass that.  You need smoking hot oil and lots of it to make this omelette completely and utterly crispy (so I'm going to be forgiving if it's a tad oily)!

We also ordered the Dancing Fish in Sweet & Sour Gravy @ RM45 (which happens to be one of the two most expensive items on the menu, the other being the Pork Knuckle in Sweet & Sour Sauce @ RM50 but, since I don't like pork knuckle, it wasn't an option).

The sea bass was deep-fried before being drenched in a sticky sweet and sour sauce with cubes of the usual vegetables (commonly found in such sweet and sour dishes) and topped with some crispy fried curry leaves for added fragrance.

The best part was that the flesh of the fish was taken off the bone before the pieces were fried making it super easy to eat with no bones to contend with.  I only wished they had been a tad less heavy-handed with the cornflour in the coating of the fish before deep-frying (as it made the sauce a little bit more gummier).  The sauce is well balanced between sweet and sour (for most though I'd prefer a tad less sweet) and the pieces of fish were fresh, flaky and soft...and (overall) still a very respectable dish.

We completed our meal with a vegetable dish of Kai Lan with Tom Yum Paste @ RM12 (the only other vegetable dish was the very common Fried Kangkong).  I found the combination of kai lan (Chinese broccoli) and tom yum to be rather unique.  The sour and spicy tom yum gravy with the crunchy kai lan was appetising although I detected a hint of basil which I'm not very fond of.

We ate everything with Steamed White Rice @ RM9 (for 3 pax) and it came in a big bowl that's good enough for at least 5 servings (we couldn't finish the rice).

We ended our lunch with the popular Thai dessert of Red Ruby & Jack Fruit @ RM10.  The one here is made with the usual red rubies (tapioca flour covered water chestnuts), strips of jackfruit (or nangka) and lychee (not so usual) in concoction of thick coconut milk, ice cubes and a drizzle of some pink syrup.

The coconut milk was generously rich and thick...and oh-so-fragrant (before the ice cubes, not shaved ice, melted), so it was a little sweet at first but the sweetness mellowed out later.  Overall, it was still a very decent red ruby dessert but I wasn't on board with the unusual addition of lychee.  I would have liked more red rubies! ;)

The drink choices here are very limited....there's only three!  This was my cold Lemongrass Drink @ RM2 (you can have it hot too).  The other two are Thai Ice Milk Tea at RM5 and Pandan Drink at RM2.

#Side Story
The place was pretty packed (when we were there for lunch) which bodes well for a restaurant that has been opened for barely a month when we visited (opened since 1 May 2016).

Do not be fooled by the pics of the empty looking place coz the photos were taken when we left.  The restaurant is open for lunch (12 - 2.30pm) and dinner (6 - 10pm) and the kitchen is closed between those hours of after lunch and before dinner.  

We were made aware of this when the cashier brought us the bill at around 3pm coz she had to close the till but said we were more than welcome to stay on (to chat) if we liked...and we did!  I noticed one service staff stayed behind until we left the place after 4pm (that's service for you) and followed us as we exited, probably to close the doors behind us (until dinner service resumes), as I did see walk-in customers who had to be turned away because the kitchen was closed.

My Personal Opinion

Although their a la carte menu may not be that extensive and limited to just 25 items (22 dishes, 2 soups, 1 dessert and 3 drinks), I think it offers just enough choices to patrons with pork, chicken, fish, squid, salads, soups and fried rice on the menu...and at reasonable prices too.

All five dishes that we tried, we were more than happy with the flavours.  I loved everything but the flame grilled pork neck and Thai crispy omelette would be my top choices (if I had to choose).

Superthai not only goes down as a 'must visit'.....but also a 'must revisit' place in my books.  Why?  Because they serve super appethaizing Thai food at affordable prices, that's why! ;)

Superthai Restaurant
No 29-M Jalan SS21/1A
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7710 5888


  1. They put sauce on the grilled meat? I saw the brownish stain on them. The service seem like quite commendable too as they allow you guys to stay although it's their closing time.

    1. I initially thought it was some kind of sauce too but I believe it's the marinade in the meat as it's very evenly distributed.

  2. When I see the kailan, I remember your comment on one of my US foodie post. Eating Chinese inspired dish in a Thai restaurant eh? :P

    1. Nothing Chinese inspired about a dish with tom yum paste....just the name of the veggie is rather "Chinese"...haha! :D

  3. They are doing very well. I have been back for the set lunch twice. People were already walking in before 12:30pm on a weekday. That day with my auntie and my brother, the server recommended the crispy omelette but I thought, bah, omelette is so ordinary. But from what you wrote, well maybe it's not that ordinary after all and I should try it next time. I also want to taste the fish and the flame grilled pork neck/pork belly. Yes, I want eat the whole menu LOL!

    1. Well, since the restaurant is near you, you will be able to try the whole menu in no time....hehe! ;D

  4. I would go for the fish and the grilled pork neck. Lychees have no place in Red Ruby & Jack Fruit desserts although I like to eat lychees on their own. I seldom go to Damansara Uptown so this will be another place that I hope to eat at but very low chance of doing so.

    1. I thought it was rather odd to have lychees in a red ruby dessert too.

  5. yay! sounds like quite a successful outing! :) i'm still curious about how the flame-grilled belly tastes, as a comparison to the neck. ooo, and the red rubies look quite good to me - i must remember to order that too if i'm back ;)

    1. Since you like fatty pork, I'm sure the pork belly would be to your liking as well :)


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