Thursday, 31 March 2016

Lancelot Tea-Guild @ Bandar Sunway

Although my friends and I are more of a coffee lover, we decided to have tea for a change when we met up last Saturday (since our last tea meet up was more than five months ago at Two Scones One Cup).

I chose this place, Lancelot Tea-Guild @ Bandar Sunway, after spotting it featured on eatdrinkkl...and remembered being enchanted with the looks of the place.  A check on their Facebook Page revealed that they've been around since December last year.

Stepping into this English-inspired tea house, I was pleasantly surprised to find a cafe of two halves with contrasting decor and ambience between the front and inner part of the cafe.  The front portion of the cafe was modern and sleek with clean white lines (from the walls to the counter, table and chairs).  I especially loved the pristine white wallpaper on the walls.

The inner portion, on the other hand, was medieval in style with portraits of knights in shining armour and shields adorning the walls.  It was dark and warm with comfortable plush red sofas and armchairs.  It was like a medieval kingdom set in a modern world! ;)

It was 3.30pm by the time we got there and the place was packed at that hour...that's because they have high tea sets (3pm - 6pm during weekends) @ RM68 (Tea for Two).  Probably the seats of choice for the afternoon tea would be those big plush sofas and armchairs that are really comfortable for you to sink into and relax. But, if you intend to have a meal, I would suggest those white table and chairs instead that seem more comfortable since the seats aren't as low.

Since there weren't such seating available, we had to take the last table with these tufted couches instead.  In the end, it wasn't all that bad...and we ended up having our late lunch in really comfortable chairs...hehe! :D

Unfortunately, that table also happened to be beneath a chandelier with surrounding blue, my apologies if the photos are tinged with a blue hue >.<

Their a la carte menu offers anything from starters to soups, salads, snacks, sandwiches, main courses and desserts.  When I got down to ordering, I quickly noticed that none of the dishes on the menu were the ones that first enticed me on eatdrinkkl's blog.  I immediately gestured for help and a pretty young lady (one of the owners, perhaps?) came to my aid.  I told her, "your dishes are different from the ones I saw on a blog"....and 'lo and behold', she completed my sentence...."different from the ones you saw on eatdrinkkl?"  She then told me that those dishes are part of the revised menu which will only be available starting next week (which should be launched by the time this blog post comes out).

It was my mistake for "jumping the gun" and not taking note of the date in eatdrinkkl's blog.  She later came back with the 'soon to be launched' set meal menu offering three of the dishes I saw on eatdrinkkl.  And then, like 'music to my ears', she said they were willing to prepare them for us if that's what we want.  Yes, yes...that's what we want....all three sets, pleeeeeze!  Hmmm, I wonder if that makes us the first paying customers of the new menu :)

Since there were four of us, I ordered an extra dish of Fish & Chips @ RM19.90 featuring almond coated crispy fish fillets served with french fries and tartar sauce.  No complaints on this simple dish which my friend's little kid was happy to help wolf down.

All the set meals came with a starter of Mushroom Soup.  Although we ordered only three set meals, four mushroom soups came which I highlighted to the server.  In the end, the server told us 'no worries' and to consume the extra bowl with compliments from them.

I found the soup to have the right thickness and consistency...just nice and creamy.  The meal started promisingly with a very decent mushroom soup.

The first main course of our set meal to arrive was the Pan-Fried Chicken with Rosemary Gravy @ RM25.90 served with slivers of a medly of softened vegetables comprising of eggplant, yam bean, carrot, green and yellow zucchinis.

The rolled chicken thigh was tender and well seasoned.  I loved the rosemary infused brown gravy which was nice and good!  You can't go wrong with a simple dish of pan-fried chicken with a good jus.

Next up was the Salmon Infused with Apple & Pomegranate @ RM29.90.  You get a thin slice of poached salmon topped with a mixture of cooked, softened fruits and some greens.  The plating and presentation was certainly a feast for the eyes with bursts of colours...of red cherry tomatoes, black olives, yellow sauce, green frisee and some red, blue and yellow flowers thrown in.

The slow-cooked salmon (without skin) was respectably executed and remained moist and juicy.  The accompanying saffron sauce had zesty and refreshing notes and complemented the salmon perfectly.

Our third and final main course was the Honey Glazed Lavender Lamb Rack @ RM29.90 for two lamb racks served with mint sauce.  My friends loved the tenderness and flavour of the lamb racks (although not beautifully frenched like the ones I saw in eatdrinkkl but, then again, there's no cause for complaint since they weren't even supposed to serve this menu until the following week).

The vegetables of purple, orange, green and yellow (eggplant, carrots, green and yellow zucchinis) again was aesthetically pleasing and added a splash of colour to the dish.

The meal came to a befitting end with a dessert of Scones with Tea Ice Cream

We weren't told and couldn't quite make out what house-made tea-flavoured ice creams were served that day with the set meal.  One tasted cherry or strawberry like (menu says it's cherry blossom) while the other, very mild in taste, could possibly be Morrocan Mint or Apple Elderflower Tea (based on the colour and the menu)...but it was all good! ;)

Of course, as the name of the cafe implies, you can't leave without tasting some of their teas and here were our choices.  Check out this cool apparatus for brewing teas.

The first was from their English Tea menu, Very Very Berry @ RM16.90 which is a blend of elderberries, grapes, blueberries, blackcurrants and hibiscus flower.  This obviously had an intense fruity berries flavour, otherwise it wouldn't be called Very Very Berry...hehe! :D  If you like your teas very fragrant, fruity and strong, then this one could be for you.

We also tried one of their Cold Brew Teas, Gunpowder Green @ RM12.90.  I think this is more suitable for someone who likes their tea really, really light.

Finally, we went with two Tea Mocktails, the first was Berry Promegranate @ RM14.90 coz you know how I like my berry-licious drinks! ;D

The second was the Jasmine Lemonade @ RM14.90.  You can taste the berries flavour in the first and lemon in the second.  Both drinks were truly refreshing and absolutely lovely on a hot day.

My Personal Opinion

This place offers accessible "atas" (luxury) dining but at affordable prices (check with for discounts) with a great decor and ambience to boot.  Service is friendly and engaging.

The portions of food may be a tad small (for hefty-eaters) but know that they come in wallet-friendly prices. What more can you ask of a main dish that's priced under RM30 which also comes with a starter and dessert. My favourites were the salmon and chicken dishes.

So, if you want the feel of medieval dining atmosphere, why not go on a knight's quest to'll certainly be a knight (or, in our case, an afternoon) to remember! ;D

Lancelot Tea-Guild
No 5A Nadayu 28 Dagang
Jalan PJS 11/7 Bandar Sunway
47620 Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-5613 6639


  1. The flowers on top of the salmon - are they meant to be eaten? Did you eat them?

    1. You can choose to eat them or not but we did...since they were edible flowers after all (as mentioned by the other readers too).

    2. Was it mentioned in the new menu that these were edible flowers? As in flowers free of pesticide?

      Hahaha, the other readers are so clever, they can tell that the flowers are edible just by looking at the flowers in your photo. Unless of course Sean of EDKL mentioned it in his reviews which I did not read.

      What did the flowers taste like?

      Sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather. Hope you feel better soon! Have a good Sunday! :)

    3. No, it wasn't mentioned in the menu. But the term edible flowers would mean that they're safe for consumption.

      When one sees flowers as a garnish, one would usually assume they're edible, otherwise it shouldn't be on the plate.

      I don't remember the flowers having any taste as they were eaten along with the food.

      Thanks, I'm much better.

    4. You mean in the menu, the description for this salmon dish has the term edible flowers? I know edible means can be eaten but I don't know where or who mentioned the flowers as being edible. Hahaha, seems like we are chicken and duck talk here.

      Good to hear that you are much better now. Can't wait to read about your next food adventure post. :)

  2. Very posh looking place. I like the way they plate and garnish the food. They even have edible flowers, so nice! It was good that the restaurant accommodated you on their new dishes and you did not come away disappointed.

    1. Yes, quite a few places nowadays like to make their plates look pretty with edible flowers. I was pleasantly surprised too that they would accommodate and prepare us the new dishes even though it weren't supposed to be launched until the following week...certainly very nice of them! ;)

  3. The food looks nice, and the ingredients reminds me of Jamie Oliver (pomegranate). This place, Arthurian legend fanboys and fangirls would want to come I guess :P .

    1. Or anyone who just want to soak in the lovely ambience and have some good food with a nice cup of tea :)

  4. yay, sounds like a happy and positive outing ... kudos to the team there for preparing those new dishes for you! their thoughtfulness does reflect their eagerness to make customers happy :)

    1. Yes, I was very taken aback by their thoughtfulness...or maybe it's because you're so famous, Sean and they didn't want to disappoint EDKL fans...kekeke! :D Anyway, it's gestures like these that charm us to them ;)

  5. Have been on the road for a couple of weeks, hence my absence. Will return soon. Edible flowers always add a little prettiness to presentation :-)

    1. Oh, welcome back...hope you had a wonderful trip and we await your exciting blog posts on this road trip of yours. As for me, I've been under the weather the whole week, so I've not been able to do much eating, blog writing or blog reading lately (and I expect it to go on for maybe another week).

  6. Seriously, there's a place called "Two Scones One Cup"? -_-

    Food looks decent here, we went to a place called Tea & Tattle that served quite horrible food. I'm a coffee drinker myself but I can drink tea too.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up...I'd be sure to avoid Tea & Tattle then >.<

      And yeah, cafe these days come up with very unique (some even quirky) names to make them stand out, I guess.

  7. A great alternative to coffee I'd say!

  8. I wonder if the tea is refillable for the afternoon tea set :P This really my concern as I've mentioned in your TWG post, LOL

    1. I'm afraid it's not refillable as these teas don't come with a tea bag in the pot (they're brewed and poured into the pot), so there's no reason to refill it with hot water.


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