Wednesday, 25 March 2015

#ewew makes Mixed Salad with Roasted Sesame Dressing

Taking inspiration from The Yum List on healthy eating options, I decided to make a Mixed Salad with Roasted Sesame Dressing.  I always resort to making salads for lunch whenever I can (or when I feel a wee bit guilty after indulging in unhealthy food) + I actually love eating salads.

I've always enjoyed salads tossed in a sesame and vinaigrette dressing when dining out and (so) decided to go get a bottle after I saw it on Phong Hong's blog.


1/2 a 125g bag of mixed salad leaves
6 cherry tomatoes (red & yellow)
3 chicken fillets
1 egg
A handful of Chinese coriander
A handful of walnuts
Extra virgin olive oil
A squeeze of lemon juice
Salt & black pepper


Season the chicken fillets with salt and black pepper.  [#Tip: I like to use chicken fillets as I find that they're (still a bit dry but) not as dry as chicken breasts...this is supposed to be a healthy salad, so must stick with a lean cut of chicken :p]

Finely chop some Chinese coriander (discard the stalks).

Prepare the vinaigrette with a glug of extra virgin olive oil, season with salt and black pepper to taste and a good squeeze of lemon juice.  Jamie Oliver always puts his vinaigrette in a bottle (and I've always wanted to do that)...and so I did!  It's so convenient...close the lid and shake the bottle.

Cut the cherry tomatoes into half (I cut mine lengthwise).


Pan-fry the chicken fillets in extra virgin olive oil.

Add the finely chopped Chinese coriander into a beaten egg.  Fry the egg in some extra virgin olive oil.

Slice the cooked chicken fillets and coriander omelette.  [#Tip: I know that a coriander omelette may seem strange to some but, if you like the fragrance of coriander, this omelette adds a perfumy note to the salad.]

Toast a handful of walnuts for 2 - 3 mins until you get a bit of colour on your walnuts (I do this in a toaster oven).

Empty half the bag of the ready mixed salad into a large bowl.  I've not enjoyed my previous salads as much until I found this one that contains a mixture of crisp lettuce, butter hearts, red coral, radicchio, red oak leaf and wild rocket (by Genting Garden) probably because it's a mixture of salad leaves (so not as boring as just one or two types of leaves).  I also like to get this one because of the convenience...yay, it's triple washed (you know), I can trust that no further rinsing whatsoever is required (I hate washing salad leaves coz if you don't drain them well, your salad is ruined)! :(

Next, add the cut cherry tomatoes, toasted walnuts, sliced chicken fillets and coriander omelette.  

This is the bottle of Kewpie Deep-roasted Sesame Dressing (RM13.90 for 170ml) which is similar to the one Phong Hong got (but mine is in Japanese and it's deep-roasted)....more authentic kua...kekeke!! ;D  Pour the vinaigrette over the salad leaves and add a drizzle of roasted sesame dressing (be careful not to put too much as the sesame paste is quite a taste test).  Toss everything together!  [#Tip: Always dress your salad at the last min (when you're ready to eat) to prevent the leaves from going limp.]

And here's my ready-to-eat Mixed Salad with Chicken, Coriander Omelette and Walnuts in a Roasted Sesame Dressing...phew, that's a mouthful!  It's pretty and colourful too, don't you think?

I've not enjoyed the previous salads I made as much coz I used just a simple vinaigrette (of olive oil, salt, black pepper and lemon juice) as the dressing.  I like it a lot better as it's a lot more flavourful with the roasted sesame paste.

The other reason why I liked this more is because of the use of mixed salad leaves and the addition of the coriander omelette and toasted walnuts.  All the different mixed salad leaves brought a different flavour to the salad...and coupled with the fragrant coriander omelette and crunch of the walnuts, this was a good salad :-)

Serves 1 (as a main meal) or 2 - 3 (as a side salad)


  1. That's very convenient. Everything in a packet and one can just add what one wants. Dunno if we have that dressing here - will look out for it.

    1. Buying pre-washed greens is so convenient, I wished they have that for our local greens too. I'm sure you can find roasted sesame paste in the Japanese aisles of the supermarkets there.

  2. Oh I love this! Gee, how come I never noticed the deep roasted sesame dressing? Must look out for it this weekend. And I like the addition of omelette. Since I love coriander, I know the omelette will suit me just fine. I also love that you added walnuts! And thanks for the mention :)

    1. No problem ;) The walnuts (I think) is gives the salad a toasty and nutty flavour and also a crunchy texture. Don't be greedy, PH...if you've not finished your bottle of sesame dressing, don't go buying another bottle coz (I realised) it has a very short expiry date (just 6 months)....unless you'll be eating a lot of salads with this dressing, then ok-lah!

  3. i like how you added an interesting coriander omelette and walnuts to this salad ... i'd eat this! :D

    1. Thanks for your support of my salad. And yes, that coriander omelette is rather unorthodox, right?

  4. I'm actually not a huge fan of salad. The only vegetable that I can handle raw is iceberg lettuce. The rest, if I can help it, I will cook them first.

    1. You're not alone on this...quite a lot of people are not huge fans of raw vegetables but it's the most healthy and nutritious way to eat greens, don't you agree?

    2. Agree only if the vegetables are washed properly (or bought triple washed ones like you did), otherwise you might be eating germs into your body.

    3. Ooo...when I say greens, I'm referring to pre-washed salad leaves and not the various vegetables we get from the markets...those I dare not eat raw coz sometimes I even find worms in them :(

  5. I love the taste of coriander and I love to eat eggs so will absolutely like having them in any salad. I read somewhere that many people think eating salad is healthy due to low in calorie and high in fiber but they neglect to count the calories in the dressing and sauce that they use. But if you are eating salad because you enjoy eating salad then by all means ignore what I have read and enjoy! Your salad is so delicious with so many tasty ingredients in it.

    1. I do a certain extent especially if they eat their salads with those thick heavy dressings like thousand island or mayo. But if they stick to a simple vinaigrette of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, etc...(ok-lah, maybe even a light drizzle of sesame dressing) then it's perfectly fine and healthy :) Even if we consume salads with the heavier dressings, I still think they contain way less calories than a plate of fried rice, char kway teow or nasi lemak!

  6. This is my kind of salad. Lots of greens but some lean proteins in there too.


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