Friday, 30 June 2017

Chequers Cafe @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail

After our dinner at Kompassion II (or K2), my friends and I proceeded to another place in the area, Chequers Cafe @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail, for some dessert waffles and coffee.

Chequers Cafe, opened in late 2014, specialises in both sweet and savoury waffles.  Well, you can get just about anything on top of a waffle here.  But the menu has since expanded to include comfort food like corn dogs, burgers, pastas and pizzas.

Looking at the menu, I got distracted a bit (before getting to the waffles) and ordered a light snack of Corn Dogs @ RM16 yielding 4 sticks of cornmeal battered chicken (or you could opt for beef) hot dogs.  Nothing exciting but kids will lap up any kind of hot dogs.

Next was a snack of Chilli Poppers @ RM10 and this one was clearly for the adults.  These were tuna filled, batter coated green chilli peppers fried till crispy.  Not to worry, these chilli peppers aren't fiery hot but they're very addictive.  I could have easily popped a few more of these poppers in my mouth! ;)

We wanted to try a savoury waffle and went with the Moo Moo @ RM30 which is their signature waffle burger with Australian beef patty, beef bacon, cheddar cheese, raisin slaw, pickled radish and their homemade berry barbecue sauce.  The waffle burger was served with a side of fries.

Unfortunately, the beef patty and the housemade berry barbecue sauce was far from delicious.  Other savoury waffles include grilled or fried chicken, pulled BBQ beef ribs, Mexican chicken and a vegetarian version as well.

For our sweet waffle, we decided to go with the Build Your Own Waffle option where you can choose exactly what you want to go with your waffle.  The total cost of our waffle came up to RM24 (RM11 + RM5 + RM4 + RM4) which wasn't all that cheap, come to think of it.

Step 1 - Choose Your Waffle with a choice of seven flavours (Original, Cinnamon, Mixed Berries, Chocolate Chip, Coconut & Banana, Vanilla & White Chocolate and Cheese) at RM9 - RM11.  We chose Coconut & Banana.

Step 2 - Pick Your Toppings from caramelised almonds, banana, beef bacon, whipped cream, mixed fruits or ice cream (vanilla, chocolate chip, chocolate mint, raspberry, coffee and coconut) at RM2 - RM6.  We chose mixed fruits with vanilla and raspberry ice cream.

Step 3 - Choose Your Sauce (your choice of one complimentary sauce from berry compote, chocolate, passion fruit or honey mint).  We chose chocolate (for the kids).  All waffles come with a side of butter and maple syrup already.

The waffle was nice and really crisp around the edges and I enjoyed the freshness of the chunks of mango, strawberry, kiwifruit and what looked like glazed peaches.  I just didn't like either of the ice cream which was too sweet for me.

Our second sweet waffle was the Deconstructed Tiramisu @ RM18 with mascarpone cheese topped with sliced strawberries, chocolate shavings and a shot of espresso.

Pour the espresso into the mascarpone and just dunk the cut up waffle sticks into the mix and enjoy.  I liked the contrast the bitter espresso brought to the sweet waffle sticks.  For some reason, I found that this waffle seems to be the fluffiest of the three we tried, maybe because it was cut up into sticks rendering each piece crisp on the edges but soft on the inside...mmm! ^o^

Regrettably, their coffees of Hot Cappuccino @ RM10 and Hot Latte @ RM10 weren't a favourite as they were just.....meh!

The Iced Chocolate @ RM13 tasted like a watered down Milo...only worse! :(

We also ordered a Chequers speciality, James Paradise @ RM11 made up of a concoction of mint, lemongrass, lime and ginger ale.  I can't say it left an impression but I know it won't take you to paradise and! ;D

My Personal Opinion

I think the sweet waffles were more successful and I definitely preferred the sweet ones over the savoury one that we tried.  Also, I think I'll do without the add-on condiments (except maybe the fresh fruits) if there's a next time.  If I had to choose again, I'd stick to a flavoured waffle with just a side of butter and maple syrup...and nothing else.

Although I've only tried the waffles and some snacks, it didn't excite my palate enough to say I want to try more.  Their signature savoury waffle may be called Moo Moo.....but I think I'll just on along and graze somewhere else instead!  Perhaps their new menu of hot food will fare better but I didn't try any, so I wouldn't be able to offer any insight into that.

Chequers Cafe
153 Jalan Aminuddin Baki
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7733 3068


  1. All your moos really tickled my ribs! LOLOL
    Honestly, I have passed this place over a hundred times but I was hesitant to go in after hearing the reviews from the community FB which has over 10K fellas. However this place is very popular with very young crowds after dinner who liked to sip coffee & smoke outside.

    1. Maybe it's the fact that they can smoke outside that endears the place to these youngsters. I'm glad that my mooooves tickled you! ;D

  2. I don't understand the craze with waffles. Perhaps it's their versatility in making them sweet and savoury. The trend doesn't seem to be slowing.

    1. I don't understand the craze either. Maybe it's the crisp outer texture coupled with the fluffy soft inside that appeals to waffle fans :)

  3. i'm a fan of those poppers too ... which surprised me cos i don't usually like cooked tuna ... but those poppers somehow made even the tuna tasty! :D

    1. I like cooked tuna and I like green chillies, so I can understand why I'm easily a fan =)

  4. Diluted Milo really meh >_<


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