Thursday, 23 April 2015

Flingstones @ Subang Jaya

My friends and I decided to venture into Subang Jaya last weekend as there were 2 cafes we wanted to try which are located within a short distance from each other.

And so, on a bright and sunny afternoon, we made our way to Flingstones Café @ Subang Jaya for our prescheduled get-together.  You can fling a stone in Subang Jaya SS15 and it will probably hit one of the many hipster cafes in the area....or you could hit Flingstones...just saying!

On reaching the café, the first thing that caught my eye were these lovely detailed and colourful tiles at the pretty!

For those who choose not to sit in the air-conditioned part of the café, there's an al fresco dining area next to the café that is shaded (with a roof), so it's pretty comfortable too.

Once inside the café, you'll appreciate the little touches of décor, from flowers on the tables to the cute framed prints and especially the wall art on the glass panels which are instagram-worthy!

I decided to order 3 dishes for the 4 of us as we were planning to hit another place after this...and we were given these quirky design plates for our food sharing.

Although their breakfast menu consisted only of a few items like salad, sandwiches and eggs, the Big Bang Breakfast @ RM24 looked like a complete breakfast for a morning (or, in this case, a brunch) pick-me-up with everything you'd want on a breakfast platter. 

The plate comes filled with a grilled sausage, pork bacon, potato rosti, 2 eggs (scrambled or sunny side up), mushrooms, baked beans with a salad and toast.  There was nothing to complain about in this big platter, everything was as it should be.

The next main that looked intriguing was the "Chee Yau Char" Angel Hair Pasta @ RM16.  This is a wok fried angel hair pasta with a twist....the addition of crispy bits of "chee yau char" (pork lard).  When your pasta is fried with pork bacon bits, you know it's already good but to hit it with the addition of pork lard bits makes it doubly good!  I'm sure many of us will be nodding our heads in approval of this combo! ;D

It was a party in my mouth...all the flavours came together in this dish fried with fragrant bacon, crispy chee yau char, juicy cherry tomatoes, slithers of crunchy cucumber, a mild kick of heat from the bird's eye chillies and finished with a grating of parmesan cheese.  And, on top of it all, the capellini was perfectly fried....not too hard and not too soft...just right (it's not that easy to nail especially when the pasta is so thin).

Our final main was the Oink Oink Ribs @ RM33 (for a full rack, RM26 for half) served with sweet potato fries and a mini salad.  What can I say....I'm a porkaholic...I love my oink oink! ;D

It was a pretty long slab of ribs that have been marinated in sour plum sauce and chargrilled to perfection.  The meat was absolutely flavourful, tender and falling off the bone good.  The freshly fried golden sweet potato fries were a nice accompaniment.

For dessert, they offer a few types of cakes (with equally quirky names) and we settled for a slice of One Night with Cendolman @ RM12 as it was different (unlike the usual cakes we get).  Taste wise, it was akin to eating "cendol" (a popular dessert in South East Asia made from coconut milk, pandan flavoured jelly noodles, shaved ice and palm sugar) but in cake form.  There were layers of pandan cake interspersed with layers of "santan" (coconut cream) and a layer of gula melaka infused sago and finished with a top layer of gula melaka jelly.  I liked that it was not a 'heavy' cake and not overly sweet.  I especially enjoyed the layer of sago pearls in the cake.

Of course, we could not possibly end our meal without the "affogato that makes you say arigatou" (according to their Facebook).  I was also intrigued when I came across Sean's blog commenting that their affogato came with grass jelly and wondered how the combo would taste like.  [#Note: I previously had a mug of "cham" (coffee + tea) with coffee jelly in Wondermama X but that combo didn't work at all.]  So, this was our order of affogato called Smooth Criminal @ RM16 (#P/S: Love the wooden teaspoon by the way).

Luckily, this combo worked out fine, maybe because the grass jelly was cut very fine (and not bitter).  The affogato was good with the bitter espresso perfectly complementing the sweet vanilla ice cream (although a member of my party found the ice cream to be too sweet).  Perhaps just a tad more coffee would have made it even better?  [#Note: Please excuse the pouring skills of a member of my party who spilled some of it onto the spoon and saucer....(maybe that's why it was sweet coz we lost some of the coffee)...kekeke! :D]

Our drinks for the afternoon:

Flavoured Cold Latte (with Hazelnut) @ RM13
I really, really enjoyed this :)

Blueberry Sparkling @ RM11...very refreshing indeed!
Other flavours include mint & lime and citrus + Tapping Tapir Soda is also available

Hot Latte @ RM10
Hot Cappuccino @ RM9 (no pic)

#Side Story:
Being an ardent fan, I knew I had to visit the café after seeing on their Facebook Page that my favourite Malaysian author/artist, Boey, drew some paper cup art for the café.  Boey's famed illustrations on foam coffee cups sell for hundreds (even thousands) of dollars and here was my opportunity to see one up close and personal.

I was hoping that the café would display his cup art...and they did, at the counter.  Speaking to one of the co-owners of the café, I soon realised that he knows Boey personally and that's probably why he managed to get his friend to draw his infamous cup art for him.  I suggested to the co-owner that (maybe) he should put his cup art in a glass enclosure to preserve the drawing before the paper cup turns yellow (it's valuable, you know) ;D

I'm glad that I had the chance to see his incredible artwork up close.  So, to all Boey fans out there, you know where you can find his cup art if you need to see it for yourself...I did!

My Personal Opinion

The menu may be limited (for now) but the few that they do, they do it well especially the ribs and pasta...and that's good enough for me.

Prices are moderately affordable, with a warm and friendly service team, in this few months old café.  It will continue to grow in popularity (I'm sure) among the trendy crowd (and students from the nearby learning institutions) looking for good food and good coffee in nice cozy settings (I liked the interior setting, design and ambience too).

So, come on over, even if it's just for some coffee and cakes and have a bit of fun....or better still, have a fling! *wink wink*

Flingstones Café
24 Jalan SS15/8
47500 Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-5879 9468


  1. At first I thought, huh? Flintstones Cafe? XD

    Whoever who came up with the recipe for chee yau char pasta and cendolman cake must be a genius!! I'm sure they will grow and be sustainable, business wise!

    1. Yup, those 2 items were a standout and I'm sure they will grow in popularity in the months ahead! I'm surprised you didn't comment on Boey's cup like his books but not his drawings?

    2. I'm trying not to be labeled as a fanboy here. You might want to help by not "tuk bao" me XD

    3. Oops, sorry...too late! My review is on Flingstones' Facebook Page already and your first comment was the one they chose to showcase! ;D

      I think you "tuk bao" yourself with your second comment! :D No pressure, but in case you need to know, this post has garnered more than 400 views in just two days...maybe not from Boey fans, so your secret is safe! XD

  2. People who live in glass houses shouldn't fling stones! LOL!!! Sorry, couldn't resist that. Oooooo...the big bang breakfast!!! The huge sausage...and the bacon. I would prefer the scrambled to be soft and creamy though...

    1. Yes, that was a rather long keep up to its name of a Big Bang Breakfast, I suppose! ;D

  3. At first I read "Flintstones" and then I realised it was "Flingstones" instead LOL! I'm eyeing the ribs and the chee yau char pasta. Anything with bacon and chee yau char must be pretty explosive! Must make a trip there one day!

    1. If you like both bacon and chee yau char on one plate, then you must surely make a trip here to try it out!

  4. me too same like Phong Hong...thought Flintstones LOL

    Now the menu seems not bad la. Later on when more customers sure they will expand.

    1. Yes, I'm sure they would put their creativity to work and expand their menu in the months to come! ;)

  5. wah, i bet if you lived closer to subang, your fling with flingstones might turn into a full-blown permanent affair! :)

    1. Yes, it's a pity I live so far away from Subang, otherwise it will definitely turn into a permanent affair! XD For now, the fling was good while it lasted....hee...hee! But I'll surely recommend others to have a fling! ;D

  6. Fun setting. I'd feel comfortable here. :-)

    1. Yes, you would. I enjoyed the décor and ambience too =)

  7. Thanks for the heads up. I will avoid the dish with chee yau char. I seldom go to Subang Jaya for food but the cendol cake really tempts me now.

    1. That's what food blogs are meant to do....tempt you! Kekeke!! ;D


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