Friday, 10 April 2015

Dondang Sayang (Easter High Tea) @ Corus Hotel

Buffets used to be one of my favourite things to eat but (as I grew older) it's not something I like to partake in now as I can't consume that much food in one I prefer quality over quantity these days.

However, if you happen to be in a big party (like 10 - 20 people) for some kind of a celebration or reunion, buffet is an obvious choice purely because it provides a comfy place, where you can sit for hours and hours on end, catching up with one another, with no-one giving you the 'look' or waiting anxiously for your other words, where chit-chat is the priority and not the food.

Therefore, in that same context, I found myself (among a party of 18) at Dondang Sayang @ Corus Hotel for their high tea buffet last Sunday as it was Easter Sunday and also to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday in advance.

Warning!!!  Pictures overload :D  Feast your eyes on plenty of photos of the food with little or no comments coz I see no point in that due to the wide array of food which will definitely yield some hits and some the menus are usually rotated on a regular basis, so some items that may be good may also not be on the buffet line the next time you're there.  [#Note: I think I captured less than 50% of the food available here coz, after the initial pics, I realised that some of the cloches do not open up all the way and so you can't really get a good shot.]

assorted salad

fried fish cutlet

sweet and sour fish slices

yong tau foo

fried popiah

condiments for the porridge

fried rice

satay station with chicken & beef satay and condiments of ketupat & cucumbers

some kind of a lamb stew

seafood pasta

chicken cannelloni

dessert section of assorted cakes

and more cakes...and if you're wondering what those egg-shaped things are...they're agar-agar (jelly-like things) in white (lychee), orange (mango) and green (don't know what flavour)

assorted local kuih

cream puffs

There were also a noodle station, a tempura counter, a couple of vegetable dishes, ice kacang, ice cream, tau fu fah, assorted local cut fruits and many others I can't remember!

I kicked off with the oxtail soup (the other choice was pumpkin soup)
And here was my stash of food, starting with....

Plate 1 - some tempura vegetables, fried popiah, fried fish cutlet, sweet & sour fish and some roasted potatoes

Plate 2 - some salad, tuna/cucumber/tomato (without the bread), seafood pasta and chicken cannelloni

Plate 3 - one stick each of chicken & beef satay

Plate 4 - white rice with a Thai-style chicken curry

And a plate of rojak that didn't belong to me...kekeke!

Finally, plate 5 - my dessert plate

And also my drinks of teh tarik, juice and coffee for the beginning, middle and end of the meal ;)

And what is Easter without chocolate bunnies and eggs + Easter and bunny-shaped cookies....

.....and colourful Easter eggs, of course

.....and then a not-so-fluffy but rather scrawny-looking Easter Bunny made an appearance! LOL!

There was also a separate kids food corner where their favourites (like sausages, nuggets, potatoes and what not) are available.

My Personal Opinion

My favourites were the oxtail soup (tender chunks of oxtail, robust soup with the right hint of spice), sweet and sour fish, vegetable tempura (light and crispy batter) and the Thai-style chicken curry (with a nice and tangy flavour).  I'd be happy with just the oxtail soup and vegetable tempura...ok lah, maybe if they add some tempura prawns, I'd he happier! ;D

Corus Hotel probably offers one of the most value-for-money high teas at just under RM50 per person.  Anyway, I'm of the opinion that most of the hotel buffets are of an acceptable standard (I've had quite a few in the past) and the quality of the buffet line really depends on the price you pay for the buffet! ;D  So, if you're looking for a budget high tea gathering for a lot of people, you know where to go! ;)

For me, buffets at hotels are solely meant for large group celebrations only...kekeke..till the next 'big' get-together then!! :-)

Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Dondang Sayang Coffee House
Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2161 8888


  1. I love buffets hah..hah... I usually get to go for buffet during seminars. There were some occasions when I am surrounded by so much food but they were not good at all. But there are others where I did enjoy the many selections. I guess the idea of a buffet is the choices and the leisurely atmosphere and not for us to overindulge. But we inevitably do just because and also if we are the ones paying, to get our money's worth hah..hah...

    1. Ya, I've also been to buffets offered during seminars and training sessions....but we can't or dare not eat too much for fear of feeling sleepy after that! :D

  2. Dondang Sayang? I was expecting nyonya/peranakan food. What a let down!

    1. It's just the name of the coffee house lah! Hope you had a great Easter :)

  3. when i was a kid, my family liked high tea buffets ... and back then in malacca, in the late '80s, high teas at the hotels there were only about RM15 per person :)

    1. Yeah, I agree, families tend to like high tea buffets especially when the family gathering involves a lot of family members. And RM15 nowadays can't even get us a decent nasi kandar meal.

  4. You are absolutely right that the quality and taste of the food depends on the price we pay for the buffet.So you did not eat a green egg just to let us know the flavour? :D

    1. Ya, that's why we can't really judge how good a buffet really is as it depends on the value we pay. One egg is quite enough already. My son ate the white one, that's why I know it's lychee.

  5. Why you arrange your food so nice? If me, all the food will pile up in the plate! Oops! XD

    1. If I pile them up, the food will taste like rojak....all mixed up together. I don't like my food to 'mingle' with one another! LOL! And I don't eat rojak! :D

  6. We used to take the bus to Singapore from in front of the Corus Hotel. I haven't eaten there though. Thanks for the look inside.

    1. Ah, yes....the Aeroline with its pick up/drop off point at Corus Hotel...very convenient! You can get a decent char kway teow or chicken rice at the coffee house (but at hotel prices, of course) if you do not wish to have their buffet.


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