Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Sushi Tei @ Pavilion

Sushi Tei (which originated from Singapore) is yet another popular sushi chain restaurant in Malaysia (with outlets in Klang Valley, Penang and Kota Kinabalu) serving "a good deal of sushi" (+ an array of other delicious Japanese cuisine).

In the mood for some Japanese food (and a light meal), we ended up at Sushi Tei @ Pavilion one Saturday evening.

We started with the Special Unagi Roll @ RM17.80 (for small) which had 4 pcs of omelette and cucumber sushi roll topped with unagi (eel) with a drizzle of mayo and sweet sauce.

Who doesn't love these caramelised sweet tasting eels?  One of our absolute favourites!

Next came an onslaught of "mentai" (cod roe)....we (or I) just can't get enough of it.  If you've been following my other sushi posts (like Sakae Sushi and Sushi Zanmai), you'd know that this is our top, top, top favourite!! Just put it on anything and it'll turn that dish from good to utterly sensational!!

The first to arrive was the Tamago Mentai Mayo @ RM6 for 2 pcs of omelette sushi with cod roe (of course)......;)

....and the Salmon Mentai @ RM7.20 which is cooked salmon with cod roe (again).  Ok, ok...I can't see the egg nor the salmon coz the mentaiko is just 'overflowing'..kekeke, I likey!

Next up was more mentai, of course....the Kaki Mentai Mayo @ RM7.20 for 2 pcs of fresh oysters cooked with (even more) cod roe :D  Squeeze a little lemon juice to cut through the slight saltiness of the roe...and you're good to go!

For my main course, I went with the (no guesses needed) Salmon Mentaiyaki @ RM17.80 which is a pc of grilled salmon with cod roe and mayo (or you can opt for the grilled salmon with miso instead).

Let me scrape away the (abundant) mentaiko so that you can see (some) of the salmon underneath!

Finally, a main course without mentaiko, the Ten Don (Regular) @ RM14.80 which comprised of assorted tempura on rice.  This dish came with 2 tempura prawns and tempura vegetables of eggplant, carrot and green bell pepper.

Crispy, crunchy tempura is always a mainstay favourite at any Japanese restaurants.  As I weren't very hungry that night, I was not able to sample more dishes...ah, well...I could always come back ;)

Our drinks were a glass of filtered water @ RM1 and something called Sunrise @ RM7.50 (can't remember the fruit juice combo of this, though I remembered the taste of orange in it).

My Personal Opinion

Sushi Tei is yet another good place to have sushi.  Although Sushi Tei is also a "kaiten" sushi, there weren't that many sushi plates moving on the conveyor belt though.  So, my orders of sushi came freshly made and piping hot...and that was a plus for me!  The other thing that I really liked is that they were really generous with the cod roe here (though it can be a tad salty for some taste buds because of the abundance of it).

Their prices may be a tad higher than Sushi Zanmai (which seems to be the more popular one currently, probably because of its affordability) but the dishes are served hot at Sushi Tei...and that should endear them to some patrons.

For me, most of the big brands "kaiten" sushi out there (like Sakae Sushi and Sushi Zanmai) are decent enough (for the prices we pay) just depends on which is your favourite (as long as it's not the mediocre Sushi King for me)!  Personally, it's Sushi Tei vs Sushi Zanmai anytime but my son seems to like Sakae Sushi (for some 'unexplainable' reason).  I guess it's 'to each his own' as we all seem to have our perennial favourites!!

It's a marvellous month...for celebration!

Sushi Tei
Lot 1.18.01 Level 1
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2141 4640


  1. Just don't go to Sushi Tie here, Tie not Tei. The late owner (got killed in a road accident) was surnames Tie. Used to be very good, gone down the drain over the years. We never go there anymore. :(

    1. Oh dear, that's very unfortunate.....for him......and you! :'(

  2. I have been to the outlet in midvalley once but did not like the salmon sushi there because I find it not as nice as those from Sushi Z so never went there again. You really love mentaiko and good that this place gives you lots of it.

    1. I'm not a big fan of raw sushi, so I didn't have that. Yes, I absolutely love mentaiko.....probably too salty for you ;)

  3. unagi and mentaiko ... two of my weaknesses ... i miss those days, about a decade ago, in saisaki at wisma uoa ii when they had pots of delicious unagi, all you can eat, for the evening buffets ... i think it cost about RM50-RM60 then, but it was worth it! :)

    1. I love unagi and mentaiko too. Yes, wome buffets (years back) included unagi but not anymore. I guess they realised that we'd head straight for the unagi and have our fill (and they end up losing money if we had too much unagi) :D

  4. Huh.. I always thought Sushi Zanmai is the premium priced outlet among the lot, seems like I was wrong huh..

    1. Slightly pricier only for some of the items. These ones are considered more affordable. There are even more premium priced sushi outlets other than these.

  5. mentai is my absolute #1 favorite stuff from Jap food!

    1. Mine too......welcome to the 'Mentai' Club!!! :D

  6. Unagi is my favorite order in Japanese places too! :)

    I just love the taste and it's what I usually order - unagi don. The fresh oysters in roe looks very interesting! I haven't had that before, would love to check it out.

    1. Other than mentaiko, unagi is my next favourite Japanese food but can't have too much coz it's rather expensive. Yeah, the fresh oyster mentai is good if you happen to find reasonably fresh ones ;)

      Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope you come by again =)


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