Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Wah Cheong (Wantan Mee) @ Sec 17 PJ

After having a 'not-so-fulfilling' wantan mee at Lucky Coffee Shop (luckily the chee tow tong or pig stomach soup saved the day), we ventured next door to Wah Cheong Coffee Shop @ Section 17 PJ the following Sunday morning for our breakfast fix.

So, we went straight for the wantan mee stall and I noticed that there was a sign at their stall which says that their noodles do not contain boric acid and benzoic acid (food preservatives...yay!).

This was my son's order of Wantan Mee with Char Siew & Wantans @ RM5.  The noodles were springy and the black sauce may look a bit much (from the pic) but was not once you mixed it in with the noodles.  The char siew was fairly ordinary.
The wantans which I didn't taste.

I chose the Wantan Mee with Braised Chicken Feet & Mushrooms @ RM6.  It was again decent though I've had better chicken feet elsewhere.  [#Warning: The lady boss is not particularly 'friendly'.]
My husband had the Curry Wantan Mee @ RM5 and the version here is pretty simple, you'll get just chopped (white) chicken and "tofu pok" (bean curd puffs) and that's pig skin, cockles, long beans and all that stuff.  Oh, of course, there's bean sprouts but I never ever put bean sprouts in my curry mee (especially if the noodle of choice is wantan noodle).

I actually packed one for my lunch (later) as I wanted to try the curry wantan mee as well.  I would say this stall's version of curry broth is one that is light and not like the creamy ones (with loads of coconut milk).  I felt that, flavour wise, it was quite decent although the curry was lighter.  If you like your broth lighter (as I know some would), then this may well suit you.  My husband likes the thick creamy ones and his favourite (and mine) is still the one from Imbi's Mei Sin (which we now use to compare all other curry noodles).
The chicken rice, char siew and siew yoke stall here is also quite popular.  We also ordered a plate of Siew Yoke @ RM12 for sharing.  As you can see from the pic, the pieces of siew yoke are rather 'long' and, again, if you like your siew yoke meaty, without the 'melt-on-your-tongue' fatty bits, then you may like this.  The skin was nice and crunchy but, for me, I found the siew yoke average at best.

My Personal Opinion

The wantan mee at this coffee shop is one of the better known wantan mee stalls in the vicinity of the Section 17 market which is considered a good eat by many.

Other than the wantan mee (which is probably the most popular stall here), I noticed the chee yuk yuen fun also has a fair share of patrons.  I'll try that next.

(Kedai Kopi) Wah Cheong
Jalan 17/29 Section 17
46400 Petaling Jaya

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  1. I think I have eaten the wanton mee here.


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