Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Lucky Coffee Shop (Pig Stomach Soup) @ Sec 17 PJ

I came to Lucky Coffee Shop @ Section 17 PJ to check out a bowl of "chee yuk yuen fun" (pork ball noodles) with a 'twist' that I read in the Star newspapers recently.

The famous writer also stated that the wantan mee stall in this coffee shop (in an earlier article in November 2013) as one of his favourite and regular wantan mee stalls in PJ, with special mention of the "toong ku kai keok meen" (wantan mee with braised chicken feet and mushrooms).

First up, I tried the chee yuk yuen fun (dry version) @ RM5 and it was pretty decent.  The "hor fun" (flat rice noodles) was smooth with a good flavour from the dark and light soy mixed with minced pork.  But the "siew cheong" (aka roasted Chinese sausages) was below par coz their version is in a lighter shade of red (and so does not have the dark caramelised flavour that I liked).

It came with some chee yuk yuen in a soup with a 'twist', the twist here being the soup is peppery instead of the normal "ching tong" (clear) soup base you usually get at other places selling the same type of noodles.  The pork balls were alright.

A further 'twist' would be that you can order a bowl of peppery "chee tow tong" (pig's stomach in peppery soup) or you can ask to add the extra ingredients of chee tow with your bowl of chee yuk yuen fun.

I decided to call a separate bowl of chee tow tong @ RM7 which came with slices of pig stomach and intestines (the multi-layered type which I like) in a hot peppery soup with a sprinkle of spring onions.  The pig stomach and intestines were tender enough but pretty scarce (I could only find 3 slices of pig intestines and about 7-8 slices of pig stomach) in the bowl.  As for the soup, the peppery level (on a scale of 1-10)...was about 5/10 though I'd prefer mine to have a bit more of a kick (like 8/10)!  It's not easy to find a good bowl of chee tow tong nowadays and (overall) this one was quite good (if only it was more peppery).

I also "ta pau" (packed) the wantan mee with "char siew" and braised chicken feet @ RM6 to try at home since it was also recommended by the writer.  This wantan mee version is rather dry though the noodles do not stick together.  The sauce is very subtle and you won't find your noodles drowning in sauce here.  The braised chicken feet were just ok (I've had better chicken feet from before). 

The char siew, on the other hand, was pretty hopeless, it was lean and dry.....and entirely lacking in any taste whatsoever!  This will definitely not make it to my list of favourite wantan mee stalls as I've eaten way better wantan mee than this (like the one from Chan Meng Kee and some others from PJ as well which I will share later).

[#Note: Maybe this is not the same stall the writer was referring to...changed owner, perhaps?  Also, this was the coffee shop where the wantan mee seller poured hot water on a stray dog some 2 years back which created such a backlash in the newspapers then.  I was aware of the story but didn't know that this was the very same shop (until after I've eaten here).  Whether this was the same wantan mee seller or not, I'm never ever gonna eat here again (even if it was good) coz I simply don't care for people who are cruel to animals.]

My Personal Opinion

If you like tender pig stomach and intestines, with a lower degree of pepperiness, then this chee tow tong may well suit you.  Eat this together with the chee yuk yuen fun which is pretty decent as well.

Just forget about the wantan mee!

(Kedai Kopi) Lucky
Jalan 17/29 Section 17
46400 Petaling Jaya

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  1. Will check out the chee tow tong and chee yuk yuen fun when I am around that area.


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