Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Restoran KM Corner @ Pandan Indah

I don't really find the need to know many good mamak restaurants as they serve almost similar food.  As long as I can find a decent one in my neighbourhood, one is all I need...and that's the one I eat at.

I used to patronise one mamak shop in my housing area until the cooks started returning to India one by one and their replacements didn't live up to the same tasty standards.  So, I bolted and found another shop (that tasted even better) but that one had to relocate when the owners took back the space.  They relocated to the shop behind (the back of a florist shop) but it didn't have the proper amenities of a kitchen, so it's a no go for me.

So that led me to go in search of my third mamak shop and found it in Restoran KM Corner @ Pandan Indah, and lo and behold, this one is even better than the first two.  Then I found out that a friend (who lives nearby) also eats at this very mamak shop.  Sometimes, something can be right under your nose without you even realising it.  Everyone is familiar with mamak food, so let the food speak for itself.

Not only is mamak food good tasting, it's also super affordable.

Roti Canai @ RM1.20

Roti Telur @ RM2.20.  The roti is always crisp here and they serve it with two curries (a really good dhal and a fish curry) together with a not-so-common but not-too-bad sambal.

Nasi Lemak Bungkus @ RM1.50 (these pre-packed nasi lemak is only available in the mornings while stocks last).

Add on a fried egg for a Nasi Lemak (with Telur Mata) @ RM3.  The sambal for the nasi lemak is the same one that's served with the roti.  Pretty decent nasi lemak from a mamak place.

Gulp that down with a glass of Teh Tarik Panas @ RM1.50 for breakfast, my default drink whenever I'm at mamak stalls.  Always frothy but usually too sweet (so remember to ask them to dial down the sweetness).

For lunch or dinner, you might want to go for the goreng-goreng stuff (some of which are also available at breakfast time).

Maggi Mee Goreng @ RM4.50

Mamak Mee Goreng @ RM5.  There's something about this noodle that sits comfortably with me.  These two fried noodles are quintessential with any mamak offering.

Nasi Goreng Kampung @ RM6.  Besides all the noodles goreng, no mamak place is complete without an array of different types of nasi goreng.

Mamak Nasi Goreng (or Nasi Goreng Biasa) @ RM4.50.  This fried rice is probably the one that's open to the most interpretation.  Every mamak will have their own version.

Nasi Goreng Paprik (Seafood) @ RM8.  Paprik (choice of chicken or seafood) is one of my favourite dishes to have as the sauce, both spicy and sourish, is very appetising and usually eaten with plain rice.  But, of course, it can be turned into a nasi goreng dish as well for a yummier paring.

Paprik Seafood with Nasi Putih (white rice) @ RM9.50 with additional Telur Dadar (omelette) @ RM1.50 is a complete meal by itself with protein, egg and vegetables.  Though I wouldn't associate paprik as a true-blue mamak offering, we can't deny that many mamak restaurants these days have Malay cooks as well.

Indian-style Ayam Goreng (1 pc) @ RM4 is a staple at any Indian/mamak restaurant.  Again, the marination and batter is different with each restaurant.  Since they're unlike a banana leaf rice restaurant, their goreng goreng stuff are not fried to order.  So, the fried chicken is pretty juicy and crispy (a favourite of my spouse with rice) when you're lucky enough to get them right after they've been fried (usually twice a day, other times, they might be a bit drier).

Though the options of dishes with rice are lesser than a banana leaf rice restaurant, you can still have a decent rice meal with the dishes they offer like this Fried Tenggiri with Cabbage & Hati (chicken liver) @ RM10.

The Kentang Goreng (Fried Potatoes) @ RM2.50 here is coated in the same batter mix as the fried chicken, so they're not only crispy (best when they come out freshly fried) but flavourful too (I especially like the crispy curry leaves).  These, besides the various curries, make for a nice accompaniment with rice as well.

My Personal Opinion

I don't know how long this mamak restaurant has been around (I'm guessing a long time) but I only started patronising in the last one year.  Well, it's true, sometimes the thing you've been searching for could be right in front of you.

It serves one of the more crispy roti canai/telur I know and their sambal (which is closer to a Malay-style sambal) is pretty good too (I guess having Malay cooks help in this aspect as their goreng goreng dishes work).  I also like that the place is considerably cleaner (and brighter) than most mamaks I've been to.

Now, it's my family's go-to mamak in our neighbourhood.  Can't believe I've visited only recently.  Oh well, better late than never, right? ^_~

Restoran KM Corner
No 47 Jalan Pandan Indah 1/20
Beautiful Pandan
55100 Kuala Lumpur


  1. I love mamak food! I used to eat quite often as there are a few mamak shops in my area. I tapau rice and dishes for lunch. But after I started on low carb diet, I sacrificed my mamak food fix. You have just reminded me that I can once again enjoy mamak food, now that I am off this low carb thing. I like their fried chicken/fish and of course the curries. The vegetables tend to be so so in my opinion. It looks like your mamak shop find got better and better. I must go and enjoy mamak food again soon and write about it hee..hee..

    1. Yes, please do...mamak food is cheap and good. The other day I paid a total of RM7.50 for nasi goreng, telur goreng and a teh! :O So I see you usually have rice and dishes at mamak wonder you've never had mamak mee goreng...until recently...hihihi! ;D

  2. the first two and the last two items on your post would be what i'd order! i have a soft spot for roti canai (though fun fact, when i was younger, my parents banned me from eating it cos they insisted it was not hygienically prepared, even though i've always loved it). your rice dish reminds me of a basic nasi kandar, which i also love - and which i'd always add in some liver for (and fried fish roe too, if they have it) :D

    1. I have a soft spot for roti canai too...though I prefer roti telur but can't have it too often because of the ghee used. Oh, I would love me some fried fish roe too (I used to order that too if and when they have)...but somehow these days that's becoming a rare find. :'(

  3. There're a few options of mamak shops in my neighbourhood and they are equally good. My usual order are roti telur, tosai and maggie goreng. As for the mee goreng mamak, I found one really good but not from mamak restaurant but from a Chinese dai chow stall near my office, so surprise!

    1. Hmmm, mamak mee goreng from a Chinese dai chow place is indeed surprising to hear.

  4. Those are some good looking homey Malaysian food, that teh tarik looks great too.

    1. Indeed it is :) Actually, that was the best looking photo I took of the teh tarik...with its foam perfectly shaped as most of the time it would come deflated! >.<


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