Friday, 24 May 2019

My Container Collection

I'm obsessed with tableware, especially crockery.  Whenever I'm out shopping, the kitchenware section is one of my favourite sections to explore and spend time browsing in.  I would buy (or be tempted to buy) all sorts of crockery.  And I end up with a collection that's more than I'll ever need or can ever use.

Besides crockery, I'm also container-obsessed, I collect hoard containers of all shapes and sizes.  The Tupperware brand is a favourite of mine.  I just love that they come in many sweet pastel colours and I have loads of them (and this isn't all of it!).  Maybe I'll show you my Tupperware collection in detail one day...hehe! ;)  I don't think there's a single household who doesn't own at least one Tupperware.  I still love them but I've stopped buying them already since I've more than I need.

But these days, I'm into freezer-safe glasslock containers and the reason for the shift is because I've started to do food prep and freezing (thanks to a blog I follow)..and for the convenience of reheating, only glass containers will do as they're microwave, oven and dishwasher-safe (not that I have a dishwasher!), also lead and BPA-free.  Great for steaming (via stove top or induction) too.

#1 - Basic Living (Glass Keeper)

My collection started with Basic Living's Glass Keepers...two round (350 ml), two square (475 ml) and two rectangle (400 ml) containers...a modest 6 pieces initially.  Made of borosilicate glass with excellent thermal properties, they can handle heat up to 300°C.  And between the square, round and rectangle containers, I prefer the square ones as they lock much easier than the round ones though the round ones tend to be easier to eat from.  These cost between RM15 - RM18 for one.

#2 - Glasslock (from Korea)

My second addition were these two Glasslock rectangle containers (715 ml).  I was attracted tricked by the Buy 1 Free 1 gimmick at RM39.90.  On hindsight, that's probably a more realistic price for two containers.  I liked these ones the least as they're made of tempered glass and has a lower heat resistance (of 120°C only)...and it didn't say oven-safe.

I don't know what I bought but I got this Glasslock glass for free.  It seems you can microwave this glass, cover and all, but 380 ml is too large a cup/glass of coffee for me.

Maybe I can use it to store/freeze one small portion of soup. :P

#3 - Daiso

Then I got these rectangular ones (400 ml) from Daiso at the spur of the moment as I couldn't get past the awesome price of RM5.90 each.  But cheapest is not necessary the best.  The lids need more effort to lock.  Now I'm even afraid they may not be heat resistant, so I dare not use them in the oven! >_<

#4 - Bros (Click-In)

I needed some with bigger storage and bought these larger containers (800 ml) on offer, value pack of two for RM35.90.  This Bros brand is even more heat resistant at 400°C!

I thought this one with divided compartments (1000 ml) was rather cute and would be great for storing/reheating two separate dishes to be eaten with rice.  So I couldn't resist getting one at RM35.90 also.

#5 - Basic Living (Glass Keeper)

I liked the Basic Living ones the most coz they were of a better quality than the rest, so I went back and got one more large glass container (850 ml), this time at a discount for RM23.50.  These bigger containers are ideal to store bigger portions of food like cooked salads and pasta sauces.

#6 - Jamie Oliver's Storage Collection

And then Aeon ran a promotion for containers redemption.  Of course, I wanted them...who wouldn't...they're, after all, containers that Jamie Oliver lent his name to.  They sold so well that I had to pre-order mine (pay upfront too) and waited 2 whole months (!) for them.

Made from borosilicate glass as well, I redeemed the round (280 ml) and rectangular (470 ml) ones for RM9.90 and RM13.90 each (with the use of stamps).  Jamie Oliver's collection is stylish, top-quality and the classiest of the lot.  Plus this one, the lid (which you can slide open and close) can even be used in the microwave oven.

My collection now boasts of 10 different sizes from the smallest at 280 ml to the largest at 1000 ml.  I think that's quite sufficient for now, don't you?  Hehe! ;)  If I need to add to my collection, it'd be the 350 - 475 ml ones as I find those the most ideal size to store/freeze one portion of food (for me)...and if I need bigger portions, I can always defrost two smaller containers.  And I would choose the Basic Living brand, even though they're the most expensive of the lot, for their quality.

Lately, I've also started to buy/collect these plastic containers when I saw them offered by Aeon.  They're ideal for storing raw food in the freezer which means I no longer need to resort to single-use (or recycled) plastic bags in my freezer anymore.  Using these plastic containers is a lot more hygienic too, not to mention environment-friendly, as they can be washed and reused resulting in less plastic waste.

I like that they come in many sizes and the covers are very easy to open (when frozen) unlike some Tupperware containers.  They cost only RM9.90 for one stack and you get anything from 2 - 5 nos in each stack depending on the size of the containers.

They're available in 6 sizes from as small as 90 ml to 180 ml, 270 ml, 400 ml, 630 as large as 850 ml...and I got myself 4 sizes.  The smaller containers are great for storing things like minced meat, chicken fillet or prawns.  The larger ones are good for storing say pork ribs or chicken pieces.

I found the smaller containers to be the most useful for my needs.  That way I can defrost just the amount I need to cook and keep the rest fresh by not defrosting the whole lot and refreezing what I'm not able to use (and if I need to cook a bigger quantity, I just defrost an additional container).  It's not ideal to freeze, defrost and refreeze raw food as it leads to contamination.

The containers are made of see-through plastic, so the contents are easily identifiable.  The covers are also designed in such a way which make them stackable on top of one another with ease.  It's space-saving and neat-looking when used in the freezer...and I end up with a much more organised freezer in the process.

And when not in use, they can be neatly stacked away and saves space too in your kitchen cabinet.  I liked them so much I've since added even more to my collection as I found them tremendously useful for my freezer storage purposes (I now have close to 30 pcs..hehe!) whilst eliminating/reducing single-use plastic bags.

So, from glasslock to plastic to Tupperware containers, it's obvious (in my case) that I have one for every purpose.....kekeke! ;D  Now that I've 'invested' in so many glass containers, they must, of course, be put to good use.  They're great for batch-cooking for freezing...and perfect for storing leftovers for reheating too.  Should I show you some of my food prep and freezing? ^_~


  1. Thank you again for sharing something to teach a kitchen nerd like me. I am always crazy over containers too. Years ago this CIMB gave me few sets of their quality containers but my wife gave them away!!!
    I am attracted to these glass lock containers after watching so much Korean dramas as they are normal items in Korean kitchens. I have bought just 2 pieces and found them useful but had no idea about the maximum heat resistance. You just woke me up today to be vary and careful. I saw plenty of them in England and Korea at very affordable or cheaper prices but I didn't buy. Now I really regret lah.

    1. Wow, a guy's that interested in containers...who knew...come, come, join the gang...hehe! ;) Aiyah, why your wife give away your quality containers lah. I've never noticed these glasslock containers in Korean dramas before...I'll watch out for them next time. I'd always read the use & care instructions just to be sure. Carting fragile glass containers from your travels isn't the most ideal as you might end up with breakage when you reach home.

  2. Oh wow! I thought I was the only fanatic who collected so many containers. You are worse lah! wahahahahaha!!! I am so jealous that you managed to get the Jamie Oliver ones. Aeon at 1-Utama also ran out of stock and I was told they would arrive after CNY but the ones I wanted were not available :( Ah well, I have too many glasslock containers anyway (trying to console myself).

    I see that you have quite a collection from a few brands. I started out with the Glasslock from Korea and I thought they were quite good. Then recently I bought the Basic Living ones too. I also bought a few from Miniso which were the cheapest but the quality is not good because the rubber gaskets don't fit as snugly as the others.

    Now that I see how you store raw meat in the freezer using those plastic containers, I also want to do that! Right now I use plastic bags which I have to keep buying. So I guess I will be looking out for those plastic containers.

    Oh, and thanks for the mention (hee..hee...) and YES please show us your food prep and freezing!

    1. I've always said...we're like two peas in a pod :) I'm glad to find another fanatic container collector (though I clearly have not collected as many as you...hehe!). Aiks, didn't Aeon 1U allowed you to pre-order? I did as all the stock ran out and I could order exactly the ones I wanted (you should have tried another Aeon instead of letting all the stamps go to waste).

      I find Jamie's and the Basic Living ones to be far more superior in quality than the rest. For future purchase, I think I'll stick to the Basic Living brand.

      Oh yeah, the plastic containers are super convenient. You should so get some, it'll mean reducing single-use plastic and your freezer will never look tidier. I used to buy plastic bags too for keeping the raw food...not anymore.

      You want to see my food prep?...I learned it all from you! ^_~

    2. can be president of the container collector club and me your VP wahahaha!!! Well, the Aeon staff did not tell me that I could pre-order or else I would have done so tsk! This is possibly one of their most successful product redemption.

    3. Can, can, we can start a container collectors' club. But based on the numbers of glasslock containers collected, you should be the president-lah...and me your VP instead...and oh, we can admit TM as an ordinary member (as he probably has the least number of containers since his wife gave his away)...wahahahaha! :D :D :D

    4. hah..hah...hah... You are funny!

  3. This is definitely OCD level, congrats! haha.

    1. Oh, you wouldn't's a girl-thing...haha! ;D

  4. gosh, this definitely puts my pretty much non-existent container collection to shame! i like your very colourful ones, they brighten up the space :D

    1. I wouldn't expect you to be a container collector...after all, you don't cook so you wouldn't be needing any containers.

  5. I especially like the glass lock ones for the freezer. I'm a bit obsessed with bringing some with me when I eat out so I can pack any leftovers to take home without having to use single-use plastic.

    1. I do that too (bring my own plastic containers for leftovers or tapau) but not glasslock for fear of breakage. If around my neighbourhood, it'll be my trusted tiffin carriers :)

  6. Impressive collection of containers! I seldom buy containers as I always recycle those containers from tapao-ed food and I dislike that all those containers really use up a lot of storing space!

    1. I actually hate storing stuff in those recycled plastic containers as the hard plastic covers break easily. Since I tend to bring my own containers to tapau food, I don't get many of those boxes to recycle. If you buy those storage freezer containers, they're so space saving you'll need the space for one only as the rest just stacks on top till as high as you like.

    2. Actually I bring my container to tapau food too, those containers I got are from food delivery >_<"


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