Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Imbi Market (Imbi Curry Laksa) @ ICC Pudu

Recently, my husband went to Mei Sin Eating Shop @ Imbi to have his favourite curry laksa only to find the stall was no more and in its place another curry laksa stall has taken over.  Mei Sin coffee shop has gone through yet another change of hands and the new owners told him that the curry laksa has moved to the Imbi Market @ ICC Pudu.

Since the old Imbi market moved to its new home more than a year ago, we have not visited.  So, what better incentive than to seek out the new location of our no. 1 curry laksa.  First impression walking in is that the place is definitely more spacious with a more comfortable seating and a cleaner environment.  But it also seems to have lost its personality and soul as the charm of the old-school pasar ambience is not there.

Coming in from the main entrance, you'll notice that there are two distinct halves to the food court.  On the right you'll find Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea & Coffee operating his own kopitiam with a few food stalls (some of which are from the old market).

On the left is another kopitiam, Hailam Cafe & Seafood Steam Pot with their own drinks vendor and some food stalls.  Just so you know, there's no cross-ordering of any sort here (unlike the old market where you can order from just about any stall you want), so you have to choose between the two kopitiams.

I didn't have to choose because I found my relocated curry laksa stall (from Mei Sin, Imbi) situated furthest from the entrance on the left (just before you enter the main medan selera in the centre).  Even before I reached her stall, she recognised me immediately and started smiling and waving.  A quick chat with her revealed that she has moved here for 3 months already (has it been that long already since my last visit to her old stall in Imbi?)...and no, she didn't relocate because the new owner of Mei Sin increased her rent, she just wanted a place that she felt would bring her more customers.

Having gotten reacquainted, we got down to ordering and here's my husband's bowl of Curry Laksa @ RM7 with 3 pcs of fried "fu chuk" (bean curd) sheet.

My Curry Laksa also @ RM7 came with 3 pcs of yong tau foo (stuffed brinjal, fried fu chuk roll and fu chuk sheet).  I chose to not mention that my husband didn't want cockles in his curry in the hope that I can have the cockles in both bowls but was shocked to see that there were none in either bowl! O_o

In the past, when you don't want cockles in your curry, you have to specifically tell them, otherwise, by default, it will always come with cockles.  This was the result of people being weary of the health scare of eating cockles.  Fast forward to now, the scenario is quite have to tell them you want the cockles (at least for some stalls) since they've become a very precious commodity due to dwindling (and expensive) supply.

So, my husband went back to the stall to get me some cockles and came back with these (briefly) blanched cockles @ RM1.50 (there were more than 15 medium-sized cockles, so it was worth the price paid).  Now, for anyone who don't eat cockles, they will never know (or understand why) when we want cockles, we need them fresh, raw...and all bloody! ;)  Anyway, blanched cockles are still better than no cockles...hihihi! :P

Into the bowl it goes.....still plump and juicy. ^_~

The curry broth of this one is unlike any other that I've's deliciously creamy and savoury with just the right dose of santan (coconut milk) and the right amount of fragrant curry oil.  So, so goooooood! ^o^  I'm glad to have gotten 'reacquainted' with my beloved curry laksa here again.  

Since we were on this side of the kopitiam, we had to order the drinks from here as well.  Between the Kopi-O-Ping and Iced Hainan Coffee, the latter fared better than the black coffee.  Compared to Ah Weng Koh's Kopitiam, it's a decent coffee and, best of all, without the attitude...and that works for me! ;)

Many of the familiar faces from the old market are housed in the (centrally occupied) Medan Selera itself, among others Ann Nasi Lemak, Ah Fook Chee Cheong Fun, Ming Kee Pork Noodles, Hian Kee Char Kway Teow, ginger wine mee and Nyonya kuih.

Some of the other popular stalls set up shop in Ah Weng Koh's kopitiam (on the right) like Sisters Crispy Popiah, Sam Kee (Joe) Wantan Mee and a ginger chicken noodle stall.   Ah Weng Koh themselves have also set up a chee cheong fun stall but I hear it isn't any good.

But I think the (newer) stalls housed in Hailam Cafe (on the left) are more exciting than the ones in Ah Weng Koh (which I'm not that fond of anyway).  Well, for one, it has my favourite curry noodles and I spotted another curry laksa & wantan mee stall, a sam kan chong noodles & hot pepper pig stomach soup (chee tow tong) stall, a poached chicken rice stall...and I have to say they all look promising.

No cross ordering is allowed from both kopitiams and the food from Medan Selera is also not allowed to exit the food court...haiz, a lot of rules that certainly wasn't part of the old Imbi market. :P

Update: The curry laksa stall in ICC Pudu has moved again...where to, I don't know! T_T
Latest Update: I'm happy to report that she has relocated to Malaysia Boleh! @ Shoppes at Four Seasons Place...woot woot! 

My Personal Opinion

Other than to update the whereabouts of a terrific (and my favourite) curry laksa after its relocation, I have to say I'm not thrilled with the food court that just didn't have the charm of the old place (perhaps that's the reason why I didn't see any tourists here that were apparent in the old market).

The place was also stuffy and hot (more so inside the Medan Selera than the two kopitiams on the right and left) but so was the old market...but then I expected better ventilation here.

Having said that, I'm attracted to try the promising new I shall be back! ^_~

Imbi Market @ ICC Pudu
Jalan Kijang
55100 Kuala Lumpur


  1. Question: Is curry laksa the same as curry mee?

    1. Well, basically they are the same...but with slightly different ingredients. We like to call it curry laksa here while our folks up north refer to them as curry mee coz the word laksa is reserved for their assam laksa :)

  2. Didn't know the move! Good info. I always love their seahum

    1. Luckily, the new coffee shop owners told us where she moved to.

  3. Luckily your favorite curry mee is still around but at another location so you and your hubby can still continue to enjoy it from time to time. Wah, those cockles look so good, barely cooked! I guess there will be another post from you on food from the other stalls :)

    1. Yes, there will be MORE posts from this place. I'd prefer the cockles to be raw and bloody though...but I'll accept barely cooked too. ^_*

  4. ooo, if i could get the cockles portioned out in a separate bowl, i'd ask for RM15 worth - and throw them all into the bowl of laksa for cockles in every mouthful! wonder if she'd entertain that request :D

    1. Oh my, you're a real 'cockles junkie'! ;D I doubt she'll entertain you with an order for RM15 worth of see hum coz that would mean there will be less for her customers to enjoy with their curry laksa. You need to find those stalls that serve whole plates of cockles (lightly blanched in their shells) where you open to reveal raw and bloody cockles and eat that with a fiery chilli dip. Those you can eat to your heart's content! ;)

  5. This curry laksa looked so tempting and thick with generous ingredients. The price is cheap too for that size but I don't eat cockles. I tried hard to eat but felt funny. I know I am weird cos I do eat lala, escargots and oysters! What is wrong with my tongue?

    1. Hey, you're not weird la...and there's nothing wrong with your tongue. I also know of people who eat la la, escargots and oysters but don't eat cockles. I thinks it's the bloody (no pun intended!) taste of cockles that they don't like.

    2. You are so right!!! It's the BLOOD! Now I recall back why I didn't eat cockles while my whole family does!! There was a time when I was a small kid and always followed my mum to wet markets and saw the fresh cockles slowly opened & closed their shells with bloody red watery slime! Argh! I had a fright, squirmed and you knew that I easily got nightmares! Muahahaha

  6. The curry broth does look good there and I'm the one who don't want cockles for my curry mee and :P


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