Monday, 18 September 2017

6 Places for Good-to-the-Last-Drop Curry Laksa/Mee

Curry Noodles is in my top three list of favourite noodles but, for my spouse, it's right at the top of his list.

I love our KL version of Curry Laksa the most with poached chicken (or with some other "liew" aka ingredients) although I don't mind Penang's version of Curry Mee (or White Curry Mee) with seafood and coagulated pork blood either.  The only version I don't quite like is Ipoh's version of curry noodles as the ones I've tried so far has a very distinctive taste of curry powder which I dislike.

For me, the curry laksa broth has to be creamy enough with a good dose of "santan" (coconut milk) flavour.  It must also have a savoury profile overall with just the right amount of spiciness and a hint of sweetness.  Here are some of my favourite go-to places to get my curry laksa fix.

This stall (which also sells Penang Assam Laksa) dishes out a decent curry mee.  Although they supposedly sell a Penang-style curry, it comes with poached chicken instead of seafood.

I like how a squeeze of the kalamansi lime lifts up the broth and makes it lighter on the palate.  This curry is easy to finish as it's not as thick and creamy as some others.

This homey taste of curry noodles come in two versions for your slurping pleasure.

Either a KL-type with curry chicken.....

....or a Penang version with seafood and coagulated pig's blood.  Both versions offer a fairly thick and creamy curry for a very respectable rendition.  Slurp up! ^.^

Known as Sisters' Curry Laksa, this one may be more suitable for those who like a non-spicy and less rich curry but it's also one of the more expensive ones (and with a smaller portion) compared to the rest.

Their very smooth and absolutely tender poached chicken stood out against its peers.  The more than decent curry broth, though lighter, is still aromatic and flavourful.

Annie 1 @ Damansara Uptown

This curry laksa supreme comes with a chock-full of ingredients (sans blood cockles) for a meal that's fully-loaded to please (but skip the curry laksa with "yong liew").

And the key highlight of this one is the awesome char siew (as good a grade of char siew as those you'd find in a very good char siew rice or wantan mee).

Restoran Loong Kee @ Pandan Indah

Although this curry laksa may not compete as well with the other curry laksas out there, I felt it warranted a spot on the list just because I ate it more often than any of the rest since it's located right where I live.  With poached chicken, char siew slices and smallish cockles, I like to have it with wantan mee.  Though not as thick and robust in santan flavour, it's still a respectable laksa.

Mei Sin Eating Shop @ Imbi

But I saved the best for last.  It's not easy for me to say something is the best coz we're bound to find one that tastes better further down the road but I've not been able to find one that can beat this one...yet.  This place serves an excellent bowl of curry laksa which happens to be my (and my husband's) current favourite! ^o^

And the best can have it with yong tau foo like stuffed brinjal and bitter gourd but the tastiest item is one that looks a bit like a "sar kok liew" which has a filling of fish paste and crunchy jicama wrapped in bean curd skin.

Or have it with poached chicken liver...if that's your thing! ;)

Or even a dry curry version...for those who like it dry.

Update: This curry laksa stall has since moved to ICC Pudu.
Latest Update: The stall has moved yet again and is no longer in ICC Pudu.
Latest Latest Update:  The stall is now at Malaysia Boleh! @ Shoppes at Four Seasons Place.

For a bowl of curry laksa to be successful, it goes without saying that it needs a creamy, savoury curry broth and one other key ingredient...plump, juicy, fresh blood cockles!  But I've refrained from mentioning it coz, depending on your luck these days due to dwindling and erratic supply, you may get good-sized ones at times, on other days, they may be smallish and, on some days, there can be none! T_T

So, if curry laksa happens to be one of your favourite noodles too, it may be worth your while to seek out some of these good-to-the-last-drop curry laksa.

My quest for exceptional tasting curry laksa continues.....although I'm not the type to go to the ends of the earth to seek out an excellent one where I have to get up insanely early, queue up, made to wait a good two hours for it or where the owners don't give two hoots if they have your business.


  1. Wow! Another great comparison post of top notch stalls after the chronicles of Egg Story. I love your blog!
    I definitely vote Annie-1 for this yummy curry laksa but I wanna go and try the others too. I always felt satisfied and burped happily after eating delicious curry laksa. I don't get those happy burps from my Penang food. Why ah?

    1. That's because you've been KL-ised...muahahahaha! :D Ya, people sing praises about Penang food but I think KL has got the best me bias. And TM, it's people like you, with your kind words and support, that continuously motivates me to keep on writing even when there are no monetary rewards.

  2. I see that you love your curry mee :) I must try at least one of your suggestions. Good to see that Annie-1 is on your list!

    1. Yes, I do love my curry laksa. If you only have one to try, I'd suggest the one in Imbi for the best taste but for your convenience location-wise, I'd go with Sisters' Curry Laksa :)

  3. mei sin would be the one for me too! since i love cockles and i love chicken liver ... i've actually never had chicken liver in curry mee before ... brilliant!!! :D

    1. Brilliant choice...Mei Sin. You can have all the chicken liver you want....'tambah hati'! ;)

  4. What a fab list! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome....though I'd think curry mee wouldn't be on your priority of noodles-to-eat list...kekeke! ;D


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