Monday, 5 June 2017

Wang Wang Nine @ Ampang New Village

I was first introduced to this "tai chow" place, Wang Wang Nine @ Ampang New Village, by my sister-in-law when we had dinner together one evening.  They have two other outlets in Kuchai Lama and Kepong.

The restaurant, although air-conditioned inside, is not that cooling as it operates in an open space (but comfortable enough) with some fan-assisted seats outside the restaurant.

Judging from all the banners promoting their food, it looks like this place is known for its tom yum and steamed fish dishes, especially patin from Temerloh and song fish head.

So, the first thing we ordered was their Tom Yum Chicken @ RM23.  Arriving in a steaming mini pot filled with lots of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, onions, red bird's eye chillies and chicken chunks, this was one fiery pot of tom yum goodness (you can always ask them to dial down the spiciness like the one seen here).  The second time we had it, we had the usual version and it had a real kick to it.  The broth is not totally similar to the usual clear tom yum.  This one has coconut milk added to bring a bit of creaminess to the broth which I enjoyed thoroughly. ^o^

Since fish is their other sought-after dish as you practically see it ordered on almost every table, we went with Steamed Tilapia @ RM33.  They offer various types of fish here besides tilapia like patin, grouper and song fish head done in various styles too like fried, sweet and sour, lime steamed, ginger paste steamed, bean paste steamed, tom yum and curry.

We chose to have our tilapia steamed simply with shredded ginger and soy sauce, my preferred way to eat steamed fish.  The fish was nice and fresh and I loved that it came with lots of Chinese coriander and fried garlic. ^.^  I wanted to have the patin (RM65) but was told that one weighed more than a kilo (which I know I won't be able to finish on my own).  That's why I don't order steamed fish all that much since my family is not into it.  In the end, I couldn't finish the smaller tilapia either and had to pack part of it home.

For pork dishes, there's the Black Meat @ RM23 which is pork belly braised till super tender in a black sauce. Those who like super soft and wobbly fatty meat (like my husband and mother-in-law) will enjoy this.  Not me...I eat the lean parts only! ;)

We also tried the Roasted & Spiced Pork @ RM16 which is actually "nam yue" (red fermented bean paste) fried pork.  I didn't like this one as the fatty parts of the pork was chewy and the meat rather dry.

Of course, we had to try one of our favourite pork dishes, the Sweet & Sour Pork @ RM16.  This one was just edible but the pork they use is all lean though.  We've had loads better sweet and sour pork elsewhere.

The restaurant is filled with pictures of their dishes on the walls and it was one of these pictures that intrigued us to order this dish named Dragon Silk @ RM18 not knowing what to expect.

Turns out it's a filling (of fish and chicken paste) coated in cuttlefish strips and deep fried till super crispy. The strips tasted like those (Dahfa) dried fish fillet strands.  This one is for lovers of all things fried and crispy...but eat one too many and the dryness of the dish will be felt :P

When it comes to the tofu options, there's their signature Meat Minced Tofu with Vegetables @ RM13.  The block of tofu has been fried to yield a crisp outer layer and finished with a thoroughly savoury minced pork and chopped spring onions on top.  The rather salty minced pork tells me that it must have been mixed with some salted vegetables (like preserved salted radish).

They also have a simple Homemade Fried Tau Fu @ RM11 served with chilli sauce.  This one tasted pretty bland (if you don't dip into the chilli sauce) as plain tofu on its own is like that (as everyone knows).

And then Tau Fu with Shallot Oil @ RM8 is simply silken tofu topped with some fried minced dried prawns, chopped preserved salted radish and fried minced garlic with a good drizzle of soya sauce and shallot oil.  Like I needs a good drizzle of soy and oil...and by that I mean a good, as in sufficient, drizzle (this one needed more sauce as the bland silken tofu is a vehicle for flavours).

As for eggs, there are only two here...either Steamed Eggs or Onion Eggs @ RM8.  I wasn't liking the fried onion omelette as I found the onions a bit raw, not cooked through enough for me.

As with any tai chow meal, a vegetable dish is always part of this "Ching Long Choy" (Green Dragon Vegetables) @ RM13.  This one was stir-fried with bean sprouts and garlic.  I wasn't liking this version as much as it had soy sauce at the bottom.  I would have preferred the green chives to have a nice, clean taste with a slight crunch.

Sweet Potato Leaves @ RM9 simply stir-fried in garlic.

Brinjal & Ladies Finger @ RM13 stir-fried in garlic with just a hint of heat from the red bird's eye chillies.

Lettuce @ RM9 stir-fried in garlic (it'd be better topped with some fried garlic or onions).

The Vegetable Curry @ RM13 with brinjal, ladies finger and fried tofu puffs was alright.  I just wished it had more of that savoury creamy flavours that I love than the curry powder taste.

My Personal Opinion

Opened for lunch and dinner, it's a good and affordably priced place for a family-type meal with rice and dishes.

If you find yourself in the area wanting to try the food, do order one of the various styles and types of steamed fish....and the tom yum (chicken, prawns or seafood).

Restoran Wang Wang Nine
No 573 Jalan 20 
Kampung Baru Ampang
68000 Ampang 
Tel: 010-225 7119


  1. I would say the prices are quite cheap and delicious looking dishes.
    I would love to drink that vegetable curry! Ha ha ha.

    I thought that Dragon Silk was some fried bihun based. Nice to munch & chat.

    1. For a Chinese tai chow (not Thai) place, the tom yum is pretty good....better in fact than the curry :)

  2. I love tai chow restaurants. The variety of dishes at this Wang Wang Nine look pretty good. That first dish of tom yum chicken appears to be delicious because I love lots of lemongrass in tom yum. Actually it's making me hungry and I am wondering if I could cook one like that this weekend hee..hee..

    1. For us Chinese, tai chow places is our usual go-to place for dinner when we want to eat rice with dishes which we can't cook or too lazy to cook at home ^_~ Yes, yes, please cook one...I'd like to see how you make your own tom yum paste :)

  3. i wonder if they named the place 'wang wang' nine in anticipation of prosperity :) i'd be curious about the 'dragon silk' too ... though in this case, it didn't turn out as silky as expected! :D we can share the tilapia or patin, cos i love steamed fish :D

    1. If you love steamed fish so much, you must make more visits to tai chow places where they make the best (and cheapest) steamed fish. They named it in anticipation of lots of 'wang' coming in! :D

  4. Thanks for introducing another spot that's not too far from home. :-)

    1. You're welcome. If you like our local steamed fish and a creamy version of tom yum, you can give this a try but remember to ask them to dial down the spiciness for you as the one here is quite fiery :)

  5. Seem like the Dragon Silk is an 'innovative" dish that I never seen in any dai chow before~

    1. This was the first time I encountered this dish too.


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