Monday, 13 February 2017

Maluri Noodle House @ Taman Maluri

We came looking specifically for this shop, Maluri Noodle House @ Taman Maluri (opened in February 2015)said to offer a hearty and comforting bowl of pork noodle soup, after reading about it in the Star papers recently.

But, if you don't read Chinese, finding the shop may prove more difficult than you think when the shop's signage is written only in Chinese.  We ended up looking for the shop number (56) as we drove past.  Only when we walked up to the restaurant did we find a small standing signage that said "Maluri Noodle House"! >_<

For a noodle shop, the outlook is certainly more comfortable with air-conditioning in a clean and bright environment.  The marble table tops and chairs remind me of another noodle house, Ah Koong in Pudu, that specialises in fish ball noodles.

Since their speciality is pork noodles, that became one of our first orders.  I asked for small for my Pork Noodles (soup version) @ RM7.90 (RM8.90 for large) but I can tell you the size was pretty hefty (may be a tad big for a small-eater to finish).  This standard serving of pork noodles came with all the expected porky stuff of lean pork slices, minced pork, liver and intestines.  If there was one complaint, it'll be that the minced meat was a little on the fatty side and not as finely textured or as flavourful as some we've had before.

I'd have say the broth (reputedly boiled for six hours using pork bones, chicken bones, anchovies and some herbs) was pretty decent and they were certainly not stingy with the amount of soup they gave either (which came in a big bowl).

A family member went with the 'Yee Mee' Pork Noodles (dry version) also @ RM7.90 for small. Unfortunately, the sauce base for the noodles wasn't as successful.

The dry version is, of course, served with a separate bowl of porky goodness.  Though I love (and would always order) the soup version, you can actually get the best taste (out of the soup) from a separate bowl of soup as the noodles will not be there to 'contaminate' the pure taste of the broth.

I was, of course, very happy to see my favourite thing floating on top of the noodles...freshly fried pork lard crisps aka "chee yau char"...yay! ^o^  Not only that but the addition of fried garlic also helped to enhance the soup even further....double yay!!

And if the chee yau char is not enough, you can add on more of the Pork Lard Crisps @ RM1.50.  Who can say no to more pork lard crisps....c'mon, you know you want more! ^_~

On the table, you'd find the usual condiments of bird's eye chillies, soya sauce, pepper and one not-so-usual condiment, Chinese rice wine, which I didn't know as the condiment bottle was (again) written in Chinese (I thought it was some kind of vinegar).  It's there for you to add a dash of it to the soup to further enhance its flavour.  So, I didn't...and couldn't anyway (even if I had known) coz I was sharing the noodles with my spouse and he doesn't like anything with rice wine in it.  I've never had pork noodles with rice wine, so I don't know how that'll taste but I'm assuming it should be good ;)

If you're feeling super, super hungry (or perhaps two can share), you can go for broke and get their "All In" (RM15) which will get you a standard serving of the usual bowl of pork noodles but with the addition of meat ball, kidney, chitterlings, pork tendon and egg (don't know what chitterlings are...well, they're small intestines..I learned a new word too from their menu...hehe!).

Besides pork noodles, their other signature dish is their Curry Noodles @ RM7.90 laden with curry chicken, fried bean curd sheets, tofu puffs, cockles, long beans and bean sprouts accompanied by homemade belacan. It arrived looking the part...with a layer of fiery red oil (don't worry, it's not that spicy even after I added all the sambal in).  It was an ok curry, in my opinion, but lacking the savouriness and creaminess that I seek (plus I've had better).

To complement their pork and curry noodles, they have some side dishes that you can order like Sichuan-Style Dumpling, Deep-Fried Meat Roll, Deep-Fried Chicken & Pork Dumpling, Deep-Fried Chicken Ball (with Peanut & Pumpkin) and Deep-Fried Chicken & Cheese Ball (their best seller).

We tried the Deep-Fried Meat Roll (4 pcs) @ RM7.50 wrapped in bean curd sheet and seaweed.  Just wished they didn't squirt so much mayo on top.

We also had the Deep-Fried Chicken & Pork Dumpling (4 pcs) @ RM7.50.  This time the mayo was on the bottom.  Why can't they just serve the mayo on the side and let us decide how much we want...or not want at all.  That aside, no complaints on both the fried snacks as they were nice and crisp...and addictive to eat.

Another interesting snack they have (a recent introduction since I didn't see it on the menu but on a place card on the table) is the Fried Hong Kong Fish Skin (RM8).  As much as I wanted to try, I didn't have it in the end since my family wasn't keen on it.  Also, I was afraid that it might turn out fishy and that I wouldn't be able to finish it all on my own.  Luckily, I didn't order it coz when I saw it served to another was quite a humongous portion (definitely needs to be shared)! O_o

My Personal Opinion

It was a decent bowl of pork noodles (soup version), not great, but certainly better than the curry noodles. However, it gets extra brownie points for the freshly fried garlic and pork lard crisps.  Then again, I can also get a bowl of good pork noodles from my favourite stall in Pandan Perdana with a 'special' amount of chee yau char just for me! ^_*

I wouldn't mind coming back for the pork noodles but since the dry version (that my family likes) wasn't as successful, I doubt they would want to return + getting a parking spot in this commercial area can be challenging (even on a Sunday).

But, for those looking to eat a big bowl of pork noodles in a comfy environment, this is certainly worth exploring in this part of town.

Maluri Noodle House
No 56 Jalan Jejaka 9
Taman Maluri
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2856 0306


  1. Give me fried pork lard anytime & I'll finish it happily :P
    I guess the fried fish skin is akin to the frid salmon skin which commonly available in Japanese restaurant :P

    1. Probably...sometimes even fried salmon skin tastes fishy. Hi 5 to pork lard! ^_~

  2. ooo, i would like this place - the bowls have my favourite ingredients, like pork liver, pork lard, fried garlic and cockles ... you're right, i'd never have known to enter the place though, since i can't read chinese (i can't even write my own name in chinese) :D

    1. least I'm better than you (by just a little bit) in that respect....I can write my name in Chinese! ;)

  3. Wah....I will love the pork noodles especially when I see liver and other spare parts with it. And not to mention the sprinkling of chee yau char. Yes, yes, must have extras of those hee..hee...

    1. What is pork noodles without all the spare parts and extra chee yau char, eh?....haha! ;D

  4. That's what I thought. Looks good, but not great. I think the one which I frequent near my home is probably better, 6 hours pork bones or not. :/

    1. Wah, you very "dahsyat"....look only you need to taste...kekeke! :D

  5. Oh My Goodness! I am craving for this pork noodles with pig liver and pork lard crips! You sure know how to zoom the photo so close up! LOL I had enough of a week's Japanese food. Phew!

    1. Oh, welcome back :) I don't think I'll be sick of Japanese food for one week coz I adore Japanese food. What zoom?.....I just point and click...hehe! ;D


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