Friday, 29 January 2016

What's with Cats.....and Boxes!

Chinese New Year is barely two weeks away...and as we pick up momentum in our final preparations, let's not forget Cookie who feels he deserves his 'spot in the limelight' amidst all the, here's one on him.

I'm sure many of us have seen extremely cute pictures of cats in boxes or funny YouTube videos of cats.....and boxes!  What's up with that?  Why do cats love boxes so much?

Although we may not fully understand or know why our feline friends love boxes, there are a few theories.

1)  it helps them keep warm
2)  it reduces their stress levels
3)  it makes them feel secure
4)  it offers them a place to hide
5)  it offers a safe place for them to nap without being disturbed
6)  they treat it like a toy
7)  they love the smell of cardboard
8)  they like to scratch stuff and a cardboard box is a perfect medium for scratching
9)  and, last but not least, they're basically just curious creatures

Whether it's large boxes, small boxes, irregularly shaped boxes or even just items that look like boxes, it doesn't matter as they can't resist squeezing into them.  So, to prove this theory right, I did a couple of experiments (over a period of time, of course) for your enjoyment of Cookie's antics! ;)

#1 - first cardboard box (from Urban Stove)! :D

#2 - Hey, it makes a nice, cozy hideout (if I can just get in there)

#3 - Whatcha looking at?  Leave me alone with my box.

#4 - Gimme a minute....I swear I can fit into this small box!
(the principle with cardboard boxes is...."if it fits, he'll sit in it")

#5 - I'm almost there....I just need to suck my ass in! ;)
(and "if it doesn't fit, he'll still sit in it")

#6 - Yippee, my first designer box (what can I say, I'm a high-maintenance cat!)

#7 - I'm liking the bright red already...hehe ;p

#8 - Go away...I'm comfortable in this paper bag too, ok!

#9 - Ah, perfect fit...and stop looking at my butt, will you? >.<

#10 - Eh, the printer cover also look like a box....also "boleh"...peekaboo!!

#11 - Finally, apart from boxes, me like drawers too :)

As you can see (depicted in this pic), cats are basically "kepochi" (aka busybodies), they'll jump into cupboards and drawers when you open them...

.....and just about any box-like thing.

So, there you have's true...cats do love boxes! :D


  1. hah..hah...what a cute post! Cookie is adorable as ever. I saw one video of cats and cucumbers. Apparently cats are terrified of cucumbers. Is this true? But please don't experiment with Cookie. I don't want him to get a fright (that is if it is true that cats fear cucumbers).

    1. Yes, I've seen those videos too. I wouldn't know if it's true since I've not tried this on Cookie...yet.....haha! :D

  2. Cookie is as cute as ever playing with the boxes, drawers, and bags. I have seen utub of cats and cucumbers as Phong Hong mentioned above. No, please don't experiment with Cookie, I too don't want him to get a fright.

    1. Even if I were to experiment this on Cookie, it would be very difficult to capture the shots as it'll happen for a split second only! ;D

  3. yay, the return of Cookie! always happy to see him make an appearance here :) cats get me curious ... i too wonder why they do certain things, and what goes on in their minds. some of the explanations make sense, like how they rub themselves against us to mark their scent (i once cat-sat for someone, and his cat was already rubbing against my legs) ... boxes, hmmmm, i guess cats like to hide anywhere, whether it's a box, a luggage bag, or even in the washing machine? haha :D

    1. Funny that you should mention about the washing machine coz Cookie did go into one once (when he was a kitten). Cats are very peculiar creatures and not all act the same...some like you to give them a belly rub and some will bite the shit out of you if you try to do that. Yeah, I'm well aware of cats rubbing themselves against people to mark their scent but Cookie rubs his scent on all my stuff except my legs...haha! :D

  4. Luckily I'm not a cat owner. After reading this, I'm wondering already if cats also love the sink. After all, a sink also looks like a box. Maybe he'll jump in there, then I will turn on the tap to give him a lovely surprise. :D :D :D

    1. You're so evil! :D Anyway, if you do that, they'll probably not jump into the sink after that knowing what happened to them the last time.

  5. Just like how kids love crawling into boxes too I suppose! It's a security thing! your cat's so cute!! :D Happy CNY!

    1. I'm not so sure about kids crawling into boxes....hehe! :D Happy CNY to you too :)

  6. My cat used to like boxes too but not paper bags....he very naughty.

    Would pee on paperbsgs

  7. You're right! Cats do love boxes - seems they have this like in common with young children. :-)


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