Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Favourite 'Nice Eats' of 2015

I've had some good eats in 2015....and, just like the year before, I'm going to recap my favourite eats in 2015 (for the food I ate, wrote and posted in 2015).  Note the use of the word 'favourite' and not 'best' as I've not eaten everything and anything, so I'm no authority on what's the best + there'll always something 'better' that we've not had the opportunity to try.  

I'll flag off this series of posts with my favourite 'nice eats' of 2015 which, in my context, refers to food that is still within affordable means with some 'once in a while' types.

This fantastic value-for-money Japanese BBQ buffet offers fresh and good quality meat and seafood in unlimited quantities (only limited time and stomach space) for a rocking experience ;)

For lovers of food served in big ass pans, the Big Breakfast Bash will tick all the right boxes.  Filled with everything you'd want in a breakfast platter...and more!

Get Hooked with their crispy fish and chips made with battered seasonal fresh fish (nothing frozen here) on a bed of part mushy, part chunky peas that's a delight to eat.

Start with the fresh and briny, slightly salty and garlicky Boquerones with Reganas and move on to a 'must order' Spanish Grilled Octopus that's insanely fresh and tender while retaining all its natural moisture and juices.

Not-to-be-missed is the pleasantly rich, buttery and creamy Pan Seared Foie Gras with sous-vide egg and black truffle shavings that's to die for.......mmm, just heavenly =)

The rich and rare Pigeon Breast was a perfect marriage on the plate with moist delectable pigeon-infused Bomba rice and rabbit meat....simply wow!

Ante Kitchen & Bar @ Solaris Dutamas

The Deep Fried Soft Poached Eggs, with its contrast of textures....runny yolk, crunchy crust and crispy kale, was a unique dish that was both memorable and enjoyable.

It's a world of bacon.....from Bacon Twist to Bacon Bombs to streaky bacon in the Eggs Florentine for all bacon-lovers out there!  For bacon-haters (there shouldn't be any in this world but in case there are), there's the simple-but-good Salmon Pot Pie or Cheesy Bacon Garlic Toast to satisfy your needs.

Delicious Iberico Meatballs, tender Iberico Shoulder Loin Special and Iberico Pork Chop are among the 'must try' dishes.

But the 'piece de resistance' is their finger-licking good, well caramelised, highly marbled and oh-so-flavourful Iberico Spare Ribs (original or honey glazed) with a melt-in-your-mouth feel that's simply divine!

There's nothing like launching a full-on assault (with your bare hands) on the freshest seafood available....amaebi, yabbies and, of course, the star of the show...holy crap....the crabs!!  All done in your choice of mouth-watering sauces.

The One Pan Breakfast is a hearty breakfast that's sure to satisfy even the biggest appetites.  What's particularly good are their in-house made-from-scratch sausages that's both savoury and delicious.  Or you could go with the tasty Breakfast Gnocchi that offers the same house-made sausages with soft and fluffy gnocchi.

Who can resist smoky, charred bits of awesomely fragrant food on a stick....I know I can't.  The expertly executed sticks from seafood to beef, chicken to quail eggs and vegetables to mushrooms...all totally scrumptious.

But the chicken wings skewer, with moist and tender meat and crunchy skin, takes top incredibly good ;)

BreadFruits @ Desa Sri Hartamas

The best carbonara is the Brunch Pasta with 7-Minute Egg that's light and far from cloying which leaves you wanting more.

For variety, go for the Seafood Platter with four types of utterly fresh seafood, fragrant potatoes, a juicy tomato salad and refreshing orange segments.  It's difficult not to love everything on this board.

Steaks & Lobsters @ Desa Sri Hartamas

The Wagyu Round Sirloin was a thick, juicy, tender and flavourful cut.....great eaten in its 'naked' form!

Offering a prime breed of wild-caught live Boston lobsters, perfectly flamed-grilled to yield its Signature Flaming Live Lobster that's naturally sweet, succulent and fresh...a good haunt for lobsters enthusiasts.

Flingstones @ Subang Jaya

It's all about the pork...3 types of pork to be exact (pork bacon, lap cheong and pork lard) in their Babi Fried Rice.  Full of wok hei with a creamy century egg thrown in for good measure....yum yum!

The value-for-money Big Bang Breakfast was completely banging + what could be better than fragrant wok fried "Chee Yau Char" Angel Hair Pasta for pork lard fans.

La Mexicana @ Bangsar

Finally, although this doesn't qualify as an 'eat' (since it's a 'drink'), I felt that the Passion Fruit & Dragon Fruit Margaritas deserved mention as they were freakin' awesome.  They were more refreshing than intoxicating....which suited my taste buds perfectly! :D

So, there you have list of favourite 'nice eats' of 2015 from what I managed to eat and taste last year! If you want to know what were some of my favourite eats in 2014, you can check it out here and here.


  1. Reading this just before going out for my team lunch makes me depressed, because my team lunch will be at Seoul Garden zzzz....

    1. Oh dear, I can see why. My first time at Seoul Garden was also my was a very 'discomforting' dining experience afterwards from the so-not-fresh food! >.<

  2. Thank you very much... I now have a few more places on my list of to-visits in 2016. :-)

    1. You're's only a small list. I love to read your "best of" lists too just to see which ones tempt me to visit! ;)

  3. Arrggghhhh!!! I still haven't had the chance to try any one of your favorites :( Now I know what is my new year resolution :D hee..hee...

    1. Well, make sure you fulfill your new year's resolution then...or at least visit one of them! ;D

  4. From the list, you had a hearty 2015 with good food. Out of the 13 places in your post, I have only been to one that is the Crab Factory in SS2. Don't think I will be going to any of the other 12 as 2016 is the year I tighten my belt. I just found out that for 2016, the pan mee at a local coffee shop has upped its price from RM5.50 to RM6 which is a 9% increase and coffee has gone up from RM1.60 to RM1.70 which is a 6% increase. I hope come CNY, they don't increase the price again. Anyway thanks for the list, good to read what I am missing out though.

    1. Oh dear, I don't think you have to miss out on all of them...some of them are quite affordable. Now that the coffee shops in your area has upped the price by 50 cents per bowl of noodles, I think it's only a matter of time before the rest follows. That's what happens every year, they either do it come 1 Jan or after CNY (not twice). The kopi-o ping in my area, some still sell it at RM1.90 but some have gone up to as high as RM2.20.

  5. i like your list! a lot of robust, vibrant and memorable flavours ... here's hoping you'll have 2016 will yield many equally enjoyable experiences (with lots of eggs especially, heheh) :D

    1. I don't think there's any here you have not eaten yourself...hehe! :D I'm looking forward to what you have in store for me in 2016 too :)


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