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Nyonya Colors @ KLCC & Mid Valley

Nyonya Colors @ KLCC & Mid Valley is best known for their local kuih-muih and they've a few other outlets in 1 Utama, The Curve, Empire Subang and more.  Their kuih is reputed to be made with fresh ingredients (and no preservatives are used), so customers are advised to consume them within the day of purchase.

The one in Mid Valley has recently been refurbished to reflect a more modern look with clean lines and a pastel-coloured (white, cream and baby blue) interior.  Personally, I think it has lost a bit of the old nyonya charm although it still has some nyonya knick knacks displayed (like those tiffin posters and nyonya tablewares).

On the other hand, the one in KLCC seems to have more of the nyonya feel as can be seen from their walls, tables and chairs.

The Chee Cheong Fun @ RM6.50 (which I had in KLCC) comes in 2 versions, either classic (with a combo of chilli and sweet sauce) or curry.  [#Note: When the server first brought it, he brought me the classic version and I told him that I ordered the curry.  I would have assumed that he would take my word for it but he looked at me as if he didn't believe me and asked to see my receipt.  At that point, I didn't know if the cashier had put in the right order as I didn't check the receipt after I paid.  Luckily, it said curry on the receipt.  It was then that I gave him back the 'look' and he quickly apologised and substituted it with the right order.  The moral of the story....always believe your customers.....or earn their wrath!!]

This is the Classic Chee Cheong Fun @ RM5.95 my spouse had in Mid Valley.  He prefers the classic version while I like the curry version.

The curry version, which is the tastier version of the two (in my opinion), comes in a creamy santan curry sauce, topped with fried shallots, dried prawns and pickled green chillies.  Although the chee cheong fun is not as thin or smooth as some others that I've had before, it's still one of my favourites here...besides the Nyonya kuih, of course.

The other usual order of mine is the Thai Mee Siam Packet @ RM3.30 that is already pre packed.

This Thai meehoon is pretty decent, with the pungent smell and flavour of shredded lime leaves (a common herb in Thai cooking), which some dislike though.  If you like something sourish with a strong lime leaf flavour, then you'll enjoy this dish.

My son would normally have his Nasi Lemak Packet @ RM3 but it's no where near good though compared to all the excellent nasi lemak we can get elsewhere.

I also tried the Mee Rebus @ RM10.85 which I found rather pleasant.  They didn't use the usual yellow mee but a thicker and less alkaline-tasting mee that resembles spaghetti somewhat.  That's probably the reason why I liked this and you've got to eat it with a squeeze of lime (it tastes a lot better).

This is the Cucur Udang @ RM2.90 a plate which I liked the least.  Those sold at hawker stalls are way better than this.

Of course, the main reason why anyone would want to visit Nyonya Colors is because of their nyonya kuih which (I think) is their best (and most saleable) items here.

And these are some of the kuih which I "tapau" (packed home)...the reason why you can see it so neatly arranged and photographed...otherwise, they'd be 'attacked' and gobbled up instantly....kekeke!!

This is the Talam Keladi @ RM1.10 with little tiny cubes of yam within the santan layer and a yam-flavoured top.

The Kuih Talam @ RM1.10 has a good dose of pandan flavour at the bottom and rich santan at the top that I liked....this is my favourite!

The Seri Muka @ RM1.10, on the other hand, also has a pandan-flavoured top with a blue glutinous rice bottom.  The pandan top is a bit sweeter to counter the (supposedly) slightly savoury, but turned out somewhat bland glutinous rice bottom.  I didn't like this as much.

The Steamed Tapioca @ RM1.10, with fresh coconut flakes, is not as sweet as some of the other kuih.

This is Sago Rose @ RM1 which comes with a very fragrant rose syrup taste and not overly sweet.  I just love anything with sago in it...hehehe!!

Another absolute favourite of ours is their Fried Radish Cake @ RM3 (for 2 pcs).  This one can rival some of the good ones in Chinese dim sum restaurants.

The Pulut Panggang @ RM1.20 is definitely among some of the best I've eaten.  The "pulut" (glutinous rice) is cooked right and salted (just enough) to give it the tinge of savouriness it needed (unlike many where the glutinous rice is pretty bland).  The first thing that hits you when you open the wrapped banana leaves is the "panggang" (roasted) smell...that fragrant, smoky, grilled banana leaf smell which makes eating it even more pleasurable.

And one is never enough.  On this plate, there's also the Bingka Ubi (made from a mixture of santan, eggs and tapioca), (more) Talam, Lapis Beras (the red multi-layered one) and Talam Ubi (the pretty pastel-coloured multi-layered one).  Other than the Talam, I enjoyed the Talam Ubi which had a nice dose of santan flavour.

The Iced Teh Tarik @ RM4 (I had in KLCC) was a tad sweet although I've asked for it to be less sweet (it's like they don't bother to listen to your requests).

Holy Moly *Stop Press*:

If I wasn't blogging, I wouldn't have found out that there's a price difference between the outlet in Mid Valley and the one in KLCC!  And so, I've finally discovered a reward for food blogging (albeit a small one...hehe) as I had to keep the receipts so that I can remember the prices when writing my blog.  That's how I stumbled upon the difference in prices of the same eatery.  Why it is such, I have no idea...but I don't think that it's ethical since they're one and the same (even if rental prices are different).  The prices are higher in KLCC (which I'm dumbfounded) as the outlet is smaller and more kiosk-like compared to the proper outlet in Mid Valley.  So, for your benefit, here are the differences if you'd like to know (but there could be more since I didn't sample everything):

1)  Thai Mee Siam & Nasi Lemak Packet - RM3.30 @ KLCC & RM3 @ MV
2)  Mee Rebus - RM11.50 @ KLCC & RM10.85 @ MV
3)  Classic Chee Cheong Fun - RM6.50 @ KLCC & RM5.95 @ MV
4)  Pulut Panggang - RM1.25 @ KLCC & RM1.20 @ MV 
     (the kuihs are the only items that seem to similarly priced)
5)  Iced Teh Tarik - RM4 @ KLCC & RM3.60 @ MV

Here's a pic of the menu (and prices) of the KLCC outlet.

My Personal Opinion

Most of the nyonya kuih here are pretty good and my favourites are the Talam, Sago Rose, Steamed Tapioca, Fried Radish Cake and Pulut Panggang.

But, if you intend to eat at Nyonya Colors, it'd be wise to eat at the branch in Mid Valley (because of the lower prices for the exact same food)!!

Nyonya Colors
K21 2nd Floor Suria KLCC or
LG 230A The Gardens 
Mid Valley City
Tel: 03-7728 2288


  1. The mee rebus looks rather yummy.

    1. Yeah, the sauce was thick and delicious but not cloying.

  2. I like this place. Been there a few times...but must know what to order. Many hits and a few misses.

    1. Glad you like the, did I order the hits or did I miss out on something?

  3. That moron waiter, even if the receipt shows classic, is he going to blame you? Customer said order curry means order curry lah, if receipt wrong means the cashier key in wrongly! They are restaurant, not road side char kuay teow stall, restaurant needs to maintain restaurant standards lah.. tsk..

    1. My sentiments exactly. Didn't they teach him the fundamental of customer service....that the customer is always right! :D

  4. seri muka for me ... that's my all-time favourite kuih. my grandmother would sometimes buy some, and i love the combo of sweet creaminess on top and the glutinous chew below :D the version here looks a bit over-processed for me, but maybe that's an unfair comparison to the more painstakingly made street stall versions of olden days :)

    1. You're right...the pandan extract green didn't look all that real to me too. You can definitely get better street stall versions of this...just not at all hours of the day :(

  5. My place to go to whenever I don't know what to eat in Midvalley. I like the red sago kuih too.

    1. Yeah, you can really smell the rose syrup in the sago rose kuih. Luckily, Mid Valley is more convenient for you, otherwise you'd have to pay higher prices in KLCC. I'm surprised no-one commented on the issue of price difference.

    2. I have not eaten at the outlet at KLCC. Only at the outlets in One Utama and Midvalley.

    3. Hmmm....I wonder if the outlet at 1 Utama has a different pricing as well.

  6. I often walk past the one at 1-Utama and always take a deep breath to take in the nice smells hah..hah... I don''t know why I was never tempted to buy their kueh. But now I am hah..hah...

    1. Glad you're tempted to buy some now...hee..hee!

  7. I would probably visit them for the nyonya kuih, haven't had those yam ones before

    1. Yes, they're most well known for their kuih after all.

  8. You missed their 'pulut tai tai' (blue steamed glutinous rice) with dipping in kaya. should give it a try

  9. Well, I did have at least half a pulut tai tai...kekeke....the bottom half of my seri muka :D Ok, I'll give it a try the next time I eat there.


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