Friday, 30 January 2015

Pigs & Wolf @ Pavilion

I've eaten at (and reviewed) the Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf in Tropicana City Mall before and remembered the meal to be pleasurable. 
So, when they opened their third and latest outlet (nearer to home) and offered a discount (through a group buying site), I knew these were reasons enough for a revisit.
Pigs & Wolf @ Pavilion (yes, they've shortened their name) is located on the 7th Floor now known as the Dining Loft (which formerly housed the beauty floor).  Just like their other outlets, they have a pigs menu (for breakfast and lunch) and a wolf menu (for dinner) although you'd still be able to find some similar dishes on both menus.

First up, my order of a starter for sharing, the Golden Onion Rings @ RM10 which consisted of onion rings deep fried until crispy and served with a herbed mayo.
The was passable as the onion ring batter was quite light and crisp though the onion rings were slightly on the greasy side.
For my main, I went with the Snug Piggy @ RM39 which (incidentally) was not a 'wolf approved' but a 'safer' dish.  I actually wanted to try their recommended pork steak of Green with Envy, which is a pesto marinated pork steak with lemon sauce, but saw a blog comment that the sauce had a surprising amount of sugar, so I backed off as I dislike a sweet sauce...immensely! :(
The pork steak was fairly tender and served with fresh shiitake and shimeji mushrooms in a brown sauce.  Pork chops that I've eaten tend to be on the drier side and not as juicy (as chicken chops), so the brown sauce was a welcome relief to keep it moist.  No complaints on this porkilicious dish! :D
It came with a side of fries and fresh salad.  The fries were fresh and hot but the dressing for the salad, unfortunately, tasted rather unpleasant, so I left the salad unconsumed.  I was told the dressing was balsamic but (for some reason) this one tasted odd to me (it's like the taste of food that had gone bad which was what I had encountered, on numerous occasions, with sweet sour pork when vinegar is involved).  But, I've had balsamic vinegar elsewhere and I really liked it...I think it comes down to the difference in quality.

I've also been wanting to try their signature pork ribs (The One That Didn't Get Away @ RM78) that I've heard a lot about but have yet to find someone to share it with, so this one seems to keep getting away from me...kekeke! :(
Our other main was another 'wolf approved' dish (I had before) of Pork Lover Aglio E Olio @ RM29 and my 'pork lover' was indeed contented with the generous amount of roast pork, honey ham and smoked bacon and topped with a giant meatball.
The spaghetti was al dente and tossed in garlic, chilli flakes and olive oil.  The chilli flakes provided quite some heat to the dish. 
I decided to have a 'perk me up' juice and went with The Wake Up @ RM12 which is a combo of celery, apple, orange and lemon.  It was nice and refreshing with apple being the dominant flavour. 

The other drink was an Iced Lemon Tea @ RM8 (note that they serve you with a whole bottle of water, so if you want to skip ordering drinks, you can).

My Personal Opinion

The food was still decent the second time round.  Prices here are generally mid-range although their pork steaks, pork ribs and pork knuckle (RM98) are on the pricier side (but the latter two dishes can be shared).

So, if you're in pursuit of some porcine pleasures, you can pay a visit to this porky place!  Perhaps, the next time I should come here for their pigs menu.
Pigs & Wolf
Lot 7.01.07 Level 7 Pavilion KL
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2110 4438


  1. Bet the pasta tasted great...all that meat and oooo...smoked bacon! I like!

  2. Hmmm...not bad wor.

    Speaking of the big bad wolf ...i have yet to go and makan there

    1. Yeah, you and the big bad wolf seem to have a 'special' you can not only enjoy their 'books' but their food too ;)

  3. I'll have to read your previous post to understand what is this "pigs menu" and "wolf menu". But seeing that this place serves oinks, I am sure to enjoy some of the dishes. What you had looks pretty good but pity about the salad.

    1. Maybe you missed my explanation...very simply, the pigs menu is for breakfast and lunch and the wolf menu is for dinner...I had the wolf menu both times (yet to try the pigs menu).

  4. Finally, they're open at a better location for me! I always wanted to try this restaurant, but their locations were not ideal for me..

    1. Yes, this location is more suitable for me too =)

  5. here's crossing our fingers that the ribs won't get away from you for much longer this year ... and hopefully you'll enjoy it too! :)

    1. I hope the ribs are finger-licking good!! :D

  6. Oh, I did not know that they have an outlet in Pavilion. Ah, see when I can visit it and whether I can find any kaki to go with me or not. This kind of places cannot go alone because I can't even finish anything there myself except maybe for salads which I don't like to order when eating out.

    1. Luckily the portions here are not that big...perfect for a medium-sized eater but I think you might just be able to finish a main on your own (without ordering any sides).


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