Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Taste Enclave (Grandeur Teppanyaki) @ Avenue K

Taste Enclave is a modern food atrium that offers diners quality food in a clean, spacious and air-conditioned environment.  This comfortable food court has more than 16 nostalgic hawker-type stalls (specially hand picked to showcase Kuala Lumpur's and Singapore's famous hawker fares) and 4 mini restaurants featuring a wide range of local and international food choices.

With so many choices, we decided to start with 1 of the 4 mini restaurants...Grandeur Teppanyaki @ Avenue K's Taste Enclave.  They have a number of sets on their menu, which are more value-for-money, that come with miso soup, rice and vegetables but I decided to order a la carte (in the hope of getting a 'bigger' portion of the protein of choice :D)!

The Teppanyaki Salmon Fillet @ RM17.90 comprised of 2 slices of salmon with bits of chopped garlic, scallions and bird's eye chilli served with their house made light brown sauce (not sure what's the sauce made of but it was tasty enough).

Although the salmon pieces tasted alright, the portion size was pretty small and, if you're guy, this serving is definitely not enough to make a full meal.

The Assorted Seafood Teppanyaki @ RM17.90 was made up of prawns, squid and scallops cooked on the teppanyaki grill with some thinly sliced onions.

At this price, the portion size is reasonable as you get 3 pcs of scallops, 4 prawns and a fair amount of squid slices.  The seafood was nicely grilled, with a good char on it, and came drizzled with the same sauce as the salmon.

The scallops, with a nice char, were a bit small (understandable coz they're not cheap) and rubbery (from overcooking coz they're so small) but still acceptable nonetheless.

The prawns (albeit a tad small in size) and squid pieces were fresh and grilled perfectly...I liked the fact that it had nice grill marks on them.  The a la carte rice costs RM1.50 a bowl.

I've seen good reviews on this dish but could not find the item on the menu, so I described the dish to the guy taking the order.  The Mushroom Omelette @ RM8.90 is actually 2 omelettes filled with bean sprouts, shimeji and sliced shitake mushrooms, and topped with bonito flakes.

The crunchy bean sprouts and the sautéed mushrooms, coupled with the delicious tangy mayo-like sauce, made the omelette a delight to eat.

My Personal Opinion

What's not to like about teppanyaki?  It's healthy, it's light....and it's grilled ;)

A simple teppanyaki meal that you can get at a reasonable price and yet tastes above average.  Only complaint is that the portions may be a wee bit small and, unless you're a small-eater, you're gonna need more than 1 dish to satisfy your stomach.

There are so many food options in Taste Enclave that you'll probably need a month (at least) to try, I'll be back to taste more!

Grandeur Teppanyaki @ Taste Enclave
2nd Floor Avenue K
156 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur


  1. ooo, the mushroom omelette does look and sound good, especially for those of us who love eggs! :D

    1. Welcome to the club....of egg lovers, I mean ;)

  2. I like small portions but the sauce is putting me off this place.

    1. I guess you don't like sauce....I remember you telling me that you've not eaten teppanyaki I know why! Most teppanyaki dishes come with sauce, as they're eaten with rice (and you do need a bit of sauce when it comes to rice).


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