Thursday, 27 March 2014

Wong Kee (Roast Pork) @ Pudu

The mere mention of "siew yoke" (roast pork) and this name comes up more often than not.  Wong Kee @ Pudu is reputed to be one of the best siew yoke in town while some would even claim it to be the best.
They are also notoriously known to be very expensive and don't expect them to be 'friendly'...and they don't have to be judging from the enormous crowd they get daily.  I guess price and service is not the primary concern of their customers who are after their luscious and mouth-watering siew yoke.
The roast pork only makes its 'grand entrance' at 12.30pm and not a minute sooner.  By the time I arrived at 12.15pm on a weekday, all the seats inside the coffee shop were already taken up but fret not as there are still ample seats outside that's shaded.  [#Tip: Many of their customers will come early, way before 12.30pm, order their drinks, sit down and wait so that they can get served first when the siew yoke arrives.]  Ordering can be quite daunting too, and if you can't get the attention of the lady boss, just order from the Indonesian workers near the stall. 
Seeing the master (owner) at his craft, apportioning his slabs of siew yoke into sections, and then into strips, before finally chopping them into pieces, is indeed a sight to behold!
I had to wait about an hour for my food to arrive.  [#Tip: If you can't wait, I suggest you "ta pau" (take-away) as I noticed those who ta pau got their food much faster than those eating there, probably to get rid of the queue of waiting people in the front, otherwise the shop will be swarmed.]  I suppose you can come after the 'mad' lunch crowd has dispersed (like maybe 2pm) but I can't guarantee there'll be any siew yoke left (yikes)!
Their siew yoke is sold by the strips @ RM16 a strip (and one person can easily finish 1 strip, I tell you)!  See what I mean by expensive, although the price has not increased that much since I last ate it (some time ago), it is still by no means considered cheap by many but, at least, they serve it with (the more expensive) Japanese cucumber.
After the long, agonising wait, my orders finally arrived.  My order of siew yoke @ RM30 (for 2 persons) definitely lived up to the expectations of being one of the best siew yoke around.  The meat was so tender and the pork crackling was perfectly crispy to the bite.  The siew yoke stays so succulent and soft because they don't overcook the meat as evidenced by a very light tinge of pink at the bottom of the meat.
Also, I noticed that the owner, tasked with cutting up the siew yoke, slice off and discard the bottom part (presumably the burnt portion) of the siew yoke...maybe that's why it tastes so good and costs so much!!  [#Note: Wonder what they do with all the discarded portions which are still edible (as I know many siew yoke stalls serve it and don't cut off or waste them.]
It is indeed 'heaven in a bite' and a 'melt-in-your-mouth' sensation (if you happen to consume a more fatty piece)....and what makes it even more heavenly is the flavourful garlic oil/soy sauce combo (just a tiny bit) that's drizzled on the meat.
The rice @ RM2.50 a plate (quite a big portion) is just so-so, not as flavourful and moist as I would like, in fact a bit dry, though the grains were nicely separated.
I also ordered one portion of roast chicken @ RM5.50 and was pleasantly surprised by the taste.  The meat was really juicy and tender while the skin was fragrant and flavoursome.  If the 'bride' was the siew yoke and the 'bridesmaid' was the roast know the saying 'always a bridesmaid, never the bride', the roast chicken certainly don't have to play second fiddle to the siew yoke as it's just as good!
Finally, the fresh and spicy chilli sauce took it 'over the edge' for was really good!  The hint of garlic, ginger and lime juice in the freshly grounded chilli paste was one of the better ones I've come across in a long while.  The soup is self-service.
My Personal Opinion
This 'legendary' siew yoke certainly lived up to its reputation for being one of the best (or the best as some may argue) in KL (judging from the relentless crowd they get daily)....and the roast chicken is not a distant second.  If you like siew yoke that's a bit on the 'fatty' side, then you'll surely love this one!
Parking and waiting time (for the food) is a nightmare...and so are the prices!  [#Warning: To eat here, you have to be incredibly patient and be able to deal with their 'not-so-friendly' demeanour.]  I guess this is the 'price' you have to pay if you want a taste of this renowned and celebrated siew yoke.

You have to try it at least once......for the taste and experience.  But, I can't guarantee you won't get 'hooked' (after trying)...coz it's perfection in a bite!

(Kedai Makanan dan Minuman) Wong Kee
30 Jalan Nyonya
Off Jalan Pudu
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2145 2512


  1. So the unfriendly attitude has not changed after so long but the siew yoke is still as tasty. I think I ate there 2 years ago and was so put off by the unfriendliness that I did not go again despite still thinking that their siew yoke is the best. I guess I won't be going there forever but of course they don't care, hehehe.

  2. You're right, Shuo. Their attitude still stinks but their siew yoke is still good! I just can't understand why many places (not just this one) that serve good food always come with unfriendly attitude...haiz! You've every right not to patronise them if you can't stomach their attitude.


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