Thursday, 11 October 2018

Delirium Cafe @ Suria KLCC

I read about this place initially from The Star newspapers but didn't think I'd visit since Delirium Cafe @ Suria KLCC, known for its world-renown Belgium craft beer, is more of a beer bar than anything else...and I don't drink beer! :P

But walking past the place looking for an early lunch one day, I chanced upon their lunch specials prominently displayed on the sidewalk.  A friendly-looking guy (not to mention easy on the eyes ^_~) immediately came out to greet us (there were another three ladies beside us who were looking at their menu too).  Now that's the way to go about getting more customers...with service and charm....and we couldn't say no (neither could the three ladies)...kekeke! ;)

We chose a seat in our preferred space, the air-conditioned area, which is quite a small space compared to the rest of the cafe.  This is one cafe that has more alfresco seats than air-conditioned seating. Understandably so, as the alfresco area, overlooking the KLCC park and water fountain, is probably the preferred seating for most beer drinkers.

Walking through the alfresco area, I certainly felt that I could be very comfortable seated in this area as it wasn't humid at all (even in the afternoon), so it'll be even cooler in the evenings when drinking starts.

Love the abundance of greenery surrounding the alfresco area.

That's the open bar with 12 beers on tap (coz I see 12 mini pink elephants...hehe!) and a good selection of over 100 types of the finest Belgium craft beers but don't expect prices to be cheap as these are imported beers and not your typical kopitiam beers.

It's impossible to miss the place...not when there's a giant pink elephant, standing tall and proud that's ever so cute (perhaps not as cute as Dumbo), waiting to welcome you.

Looking at the menu, the prices seem to be a tad on the higher end.  That's what I thought too when I commented about the RM89 mussels pot which I first read on eatdrinkkl...and guess what?  It's now RM139! O_o  I did notice the menu said that it comes with imported Belgian fries...hmmm, must be very expensive these imported Belgian potatoes.  I wonder if they taste any different from regular potatoes as I can't remember if I've had Belgian fries before.

But their Lunch Specials @ RM29, on the other hand, were totally the opposite....great value for money...and inclusive of complimentary drink and dessert some more! ^_~  You have four choices to choose from.

We went with the Lunch Special of Mama Fried Chicken Chop as our first pick with deep-fried crispy chicken, fries, petite salad and black pepper gravy.  The portion was huge for the price.

The fried chicken chop was super crispy and that's clearly evident from the photo of its crunchy batter (a bit too crunchy for me) that made the chicken a tad dry (but was glad to find the batter well seasoned).  I suppose the dryness could be helped with the black pepper gravy, which was chunkier than usual, but also a saltier rendition.

Some would appreciate the super crisp fries and there was a generous amount of it underneath the chicken chop but I prefer them fluffier (they were a tad overfried that day in my opinion).  The salad (of lettuce, onions, cherry tomatoes, yellow bell peppers and sunflower seeds) provided a fresh bite and was a welcome relief to the dryness on the plate.

Our second Lunch Special choice was the Skillet Beef Aglio Olio consisting of pan-seared beef fillet and spaghetti served with a slice of crisp garlic and herbed baguette.

Looking at the price of the beef aglio olio, I wasn't expecting much from the beef in terms of quality actually and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was of decent quality.  The beef was cooked medium with still a slight pinkish centre.  I was anticipating it to be cooked all the way through seeing that it was a rather thin slice of fillet.  What was even more astonishing was just how tender the beef was...and sufficiently juicy as well. ^o^

The spaghetti with roasted garlic and olive oil was tossed in butter as well...a little too buttery for my taste. Loved the sweet roasted garlic but would have liked to see a bit more chilli flakes to up the heat level.

Complimentary drink choice was Iced Lemon Tea (other option is any can soda).

Complimentary dessert of one scoop of Ice Cream of the Day happened to be vanilla (our favourite) which came with a little chocolate twirl.  Turned out quite delicious surprisingly (better than most ice cream I've had that came free with set meals).

Interesting trivia:
The receipt mentioned Acme Bar & Coffee and their website says Delirium Cafe by Acme, so I'm guessing they're under the same management (or ownership) of Acme or, at least, have some affiliation with Acme.

My Personal Opinion

The beef aglio olio was certainly the better lunch set of the two (in terms of taste) but the fried chicken chop set was a generous portion which some may appreciate.

The tender beef, perhaps not so much in terms of flavour of the beef, caught me by surprise and that dish alone is enough to entice me back to see what else they offer (some nibbles caught my attention too) there are still the other two set meals to try. ^_*

A great place to relax and hangout with colleagues (after work) or friends (in the weekends)...especially so if you're a beer enthusiast...with a few nibbles in hand!

Delirium Cafe
G48 Ground Floor Suria KLCC
50088 Kuala Lumpur


  1. Th Skillet Beef Aglio Olio is giving me some ideas what to do with some steaks I have in the freezer!

    1. I'd prefer to chill steaks in the fridge for a day or two and eat it quickly rather than freeze them because of the premium price paid. I would want to eat it at its optimum freshness :)

  2. Both mains came with HUGE portion especially the beef Aglio Olio, really caught me off guard!
    Which part they used for the fried chicken? Can't really figure out from that thick batter =.="

    1. I'm also not too sure which part of the chicken it was as I wasn't paying attention (+ I gave part of it away) but my guess it's probably the breast as it wasn't as juicy as the thigh.

  3. gosh, i wonder what caused the mussels' price hike! i guess i'd have skipped them too if they had been RM139 when i visited. but your post shows it's definitely possible to enjoy a visit to delirium without needing to order any beer-related items :)

    1. I guess you can say that I was delirious at the price of the good value set lunch and not the beer...hehe! ;) The price hike was due to the imported Belgian fries? Kekeke! :D

  4. No beer for you? I'm not a big beer drinker but I don't mind some of the craft beers.

    1. I don't drink beer but I have to say I've never tried craft beers before.

  5. The ambience is very nice in such a chic location. I won't mind paying for their high prices if I could enjoy such good food and comfortable place.

    I am always looking for this type of fried chicken chop that is super crispy as not many restaurants do that.
    Their spaghetti with roasted garlic and olive oil with tossed butter is just like my way too. I love buttery tastes!

    1. You scored two out of two, so these two dishes I have to say are quite 'ngam' for you leh. You should go and try then.


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