Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Salad Earth @ AEON MaxValu Prime, Sunway Velocity

Tucked inside Aeon's premium supermarket is a salad bar, Salad Earth @ AEON MaxValu Prime Supermarket, Sunway Velocity, that offers a small selection of hot dishes (mainly pasta) and cold salads at RM3.39 per 100g.

On one side (at the front), though I see ten covered-trays of supposedly hot food on offer, I've only seen half of them filled at any one time when I was there (perhaps I was late and they've been sold out already).

Some pasta options of San Remo Spaghetti Tom Yum....

......and San Remo Spaghetti Spicy Aglio Olio with Mushroom.

Some cooked protein options of HP Gumbo Fish Fillet (I have to say this one is quite delicious looking)...

.....and McCormick Miso Infused Chicken that you can add on to your pasta choices.

I tried the Spicy Aglio Olio with Mushrooms.  The flavours were satisfying but filling a roughly 6 x 6 inch box half way up will easily reach 300g already.  That means a small portion of pasta (suitable for a small-eater) would easily cost you RM10, so you probably need to fill the box almost all the way up for a more substantial meal...but that would make it no cheaper than what you'd get at restaurants! >_<

The salad options on the other side of the salad bar (at the back) are more consistently replenished with all six trays filled with some form of cooked/made salads.

McCormick Paprika Potato & Egg Salad

Mix Fruits Salad

The other half of the salad bar is filled with trays of four types of fresh salad leaves, julienned carrots and cherry tomatoes...and a salad dressing of Thousand Island.

Since everything is priced at RM3.39 per 100g, you can mix and match with a combination of a few different types of salad in one box.  I did just that...I filled my box with a combo of 3 salads...Mix Fruits Salad, McCormick Paprika Potato & Egg Salad and Stir-Fried Hokto Mushrooms with Wakame together with a helping of lettuce leaves and cherry tomatoes plus an additional dollop of Thousand Island dressing.

Take note that although RM3.39 per 100g may sound cheap but it's relatively easy to hit past 300g if you're not too 'careful'...hehe! ;)  I find that the packaging is so convenient for us to stick it into the fridge and unseal when we're ready to eat.

The McCormick Paprika Potato & Egg Salad, in a Thousand Island-type dressing, with large chunks of potatoes (cooked just right) and hard-boiled eggs, sprinkled with paprika, was really enjoyable.

My other absolute favourite here is the Mix Fruits Salad, in a mayo-type sauce, made up of fresh, juicy fruits of red and green apples, watermelon cubes and orange segments with dried black and golden raisins.

The crunchy apples, juicy watermelon, tangy oranges coupled with the texture of the dried raisins, makes this an extremely pleasurable salad.

Each time I come here, I don't seem to give other salads a chance (San Remo Orange & Ginger Vegeroni, Olive Herb Chicken Salad and Marmite Shredded Chicken Salad) as I'm always after these two salads.  Be smart and fill your box with more fresh salad leaves if you want your box to be lighter...kekeke! ;D

The process is simple...once you've filled your box with the goodies you want, someone will assist you to get the box sealed, weighed and attach a price to it before you proceed to the counter for payment.

Looking at it more closely, the pasta and/or proteins may not turn out all that cheap as a sizeable portion can easily cost you between RM15 - RM20 for a filling meal which isn't far off from the RM18 - RM25 price tag for a freshly cooked, warm plate of pasta at cafes.  The salads are probably more worthy for between RM10 - RM15 for reasonable portions.  But it's certainly a clean, convenient and great way for a take-away meal to the office or back home.

Salad Earth
AEON MaxValu Prime Supermarket
B-01 Sunway Velocity
Lingkaran SV
55100 Kuala Lumpur


  1. I'd be attracted to a salad bar. I just wish there was a better way than to serve everything in disposable plastic.

    1. Unfortunately, disposable plastic is the cheapest way of packaging here, so retailers would resort to that to reduce their costs. :(

  2. I always love AEON's concept which is always practicality and affordability for all, from Japan to Malaysia. Their easy & comfort food is always appetizing for me anytime. I am impressed with their usage of names like San Remo and McCormick which I am a staunch supporter. It is like showing off their standard of using good brands as ingredients.

    I agree that to make extremely pleasurable salad they need to add in tangy oranges and raisins! Yay! Their EnterPack is something new to me. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I'm a staunch supporter of that fruit salad...I love it to death! :D

  3. I wish we had this at Aeon 1-Utama. I would then be a regular customer as I love ready made salads/pasta. I am sure I would also enjoy the potato and egg salad. Aeon 1-Utama used to sell fried noodles by the weight too and I always end up paying quite a lot since my portions are big.

    1. I'm glad that I have a salad bar to go to at Sunway Velocity although I'd much prefer if there's one in Aeon Maluri itself as the latter is much more accessible to me coz parking is very difficult to find in the mall unlike the ample parking/lesser crowd at Aeon Maluri.

  4. I never fancy salad with mayo anymore since I know that mayo is very fattening :P But the McCormick Paprika Potato & Egg Salad sound quite easy to be prepared at home :P

    1. Yup, most salads are pretty easy to prepare at home...except for the unique and house-made sauces I can't replicate at home. Unfortunately, mayo is one of the most common salad dressings out there (the other being Thousand Island). I think most cream-based salad dressings are fattening. :(


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