Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Nanoblock #7 - Sydney Harbour Bridge

Time to indulge in one of my pastimes again.....

After my last Nanoblock purchases revolved around my Santa collection, it's back to my collection of world landmarks and famous buildings with the Sights to See series.

So, here comes the next addition to my collection.....Sydney Harbour Bridge (310 pieces @ RM79.90).  I think I chose this one coz I was intrigued as to how the nanoblocks of the bridge could hold and be assembled in an arch.

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Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of Australia's iconic landmarks.  Affectionately known as the Coathanger because of its arch-based design, it just celebrated its 85th birthday last month (officially opened on 19 March 1932).

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BridgeClimb (which started in 1998) is now one of the 'must dos' for tourists (and locals too) on a trip to Sydney.  Quite a few celebrities have done the Climb which include Matt Damon, Robert DeNiro, Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, Jamie Oliver, Sam Smith, Meghan Trainor, Ricky Martin, Keith Urban, Bill Gates, Usain Bolt, to name a few.

The box's contents with instruction guide.

And here's the completed Sydney Harbour Bridge.  It was (by far) the most enjoyable to assemble, especially when I was putting up the bridge across.

Front View (finished size: L12 x W8 x H5.5 cm)

Top-Down View

View from the Right

View from the Left

View from the Back

Of the three Sights to See series I've assembled so far, I like the finished look of this Sydney Harbour Bridge the most compared to my previous collection of Himeji Castle and Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris.

My collection is slowly growing........^_^


  1. Ah, there you are building again with your nanoblocks! You have quite a collection there - 4 Santas and 3 buildings/structures. I wonder what is next? You will need more shelf space hee..hee...

    1. I have lots of shelf space....hee..hee...and I've already bought my next one! ^_~

  2. You have a showcase which is growing tier by tier now. That would be fun to sit back and admire them. That's what I do by admiring my antiques & asked myself how to dispose them someday. Wakakaka

    I could see that you are a very patient and creative person who loves to colour and build blocks! This is good for your mind & soul. I have been hesitating to buy the blocks for my wife who has shown interest many times. The prices are not cheap and I worry that she would loose interest the minute she owns it. Let me surprise her with a small set first.

    Happy Holidays!

    1. Yes, please do get your wife a set since she likes them. I can tell you her interest will only grow after assembling her first one, so get ready to spend more money...haha! ;D


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